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Top Ten Reasons to have a Membership at Root Church!

Our Top Ten List of reasons to have a membership with Root Church:

  1. You get the ENTIRE service – countdowns to service, worship, scripture races and skits are prepared for you!
  2. Control and view your entire service slideshow from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  3. Get High Quality Memory Verse Cards for each month’s themed series shipped to you at a big discount.
  4. Enjoy fully customizable animated slides for services with training videos and online training to empower you and your team to make it what your kids need.
  5. The service schedules are fully editable Word documents, including time break down, assignments, skits and the full layout of your service.
  6. Get major discounts on professional materials, t-shirts, flyers, website and more on the Root Church site, giving you identity with the kids and your community as a Root Church!
  7. The other members live and act as family – always sharing for you to learn from, get ideas from, share information with and share resources – all online with the website, YouTube, Facebook and message boards.
  8. Choose custom edited products like invites, business cards and stationary to maintain the same HIGH QUALITY materials with your church information on it!
  9. Be part of a growing, powerful and trusted Kids Church that parents and kids recognize and seek out.
  10. Have time to seek God and minister in new ways because ALLOT of the hard work of creating an interesting, relevant and graphically enticing service is done!!! All graphics, music, worship, videos and more THAT MAKE YOUR KIDS LOVE CHURCH IS INCLUDED!!!


If you need a little more information than a top ten list, check out our Who is Root Church page, contact us  or watch this video below:

(Root Church was formally Kid Nation Ministries)

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