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**This is only for those churches who are members of Kid Nation Ministries.**

So you want to update your staging option – here are some great options! Look through the pics to get ideas, and then let us know what you would like to have in your room. The price also includes two Skype meetings about the design and layout of your room!

The stage graphics come in four different options:commercial wallpaper, peel and stick wallpaper (vinyl), as banner(s), or digital download (giving you the freedom to decide how to get it on your walls)! Each option allows you to have a whole new level of “wow factor” in your children’s room! The banner material allows you to quick set up and take down the backdrop and storing in a roll, while the wallpaper is much more durable when attached to a permanent structure.

Look through the images to see all three graphic design options. (You are not restricted to the layout of the rooms pictured, but they are helpful for ideas!)

Also, as the site only allows checkout per square foot for the print options, we’ll contact you for the dimensions you are purchasing. If you are purchasing the download, the price is for the rights to use the graphic, not exclusive rights to it or the rights to resell it.

*Additional shipping charges may apply – you will be billed separately for them. Call or email for an estimate.

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