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Get a RIDICULOUS discount on a new Membership, THIS WEEK ONLY!

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to knock this price down as much as I could for this week only, and it’s finally ready! You can save MASSIVE amounts with the Membership, because each month, a new elementary curriculum series is unlocked for you, plus you’ll also have access to one of our twelve months of Preschool series as well! Every roundtable we host is included in this price, plus you’ll get MASSIVE discounts on many items in our Kid Nation store. 

You’ve looked into it, you’ve prayed about it, don’t miss out on this chance to become a member TODAY for just


(plus Memory Verse cards)

“We are continually pleased with the curriculum every single month! It’s, in my opinion, the best I’ve ever seen!”

Unbelievable equipping: a vast supply of materials at your fingertips, and fully prepared, graphically intriguing services are just a click away! We are so excited that you are becoming a Kid Nation member – you won’t regret it! Being a member has a ton of benefits, and the free curriculum that you have access to will cause a sigh of relief for your volunteers – hours of work are whisked away to a distant memory. Purchase your membership and begin your journey into freedom today.

“I’m trying to keep from tearing up because it literally has everything ready to go and looks SO GOOD. Thank you for what you all do.” – S. in Roanoke, VA

Each month as a Member, you’ll receive:

  • Access to one of the 36 Elementary Curriculum Series. Each series includes:
    • Four to Five Editable (Word Docs) Service Schedules, including details on every aspect of service:
      • Salvation
      • Offering
      • Worship
      • Skits
      • Object Lessons
      • Everything to take you from the moment kids arrive to the very end of service!
    • Not only that, but there are fully editable slideshow presentations that back up every part of service!
      • Keynote (now able to present through any web browser, even on a PC!)
    • Also, you’ll receive Memory Verse cards in the mail for each series, along with a digital version as a song or rap to help the kids learn that verse!
  • Discounted pricing on a lot of items at the online store
  • Access to a Kid Nation Facebook community group – great as a sounding board for all things kidmin
  • Access to every one of our online Roundtable discussions (Sept-May)
  • Plus much more!

“Other than the undeniable fact that God is in it, the aspect of Kid Nation that makes it work so well I believe is the fact that it’s editable/mold-able, adaptable to each specific church. All the aspects of Kid Nation are there and they work, because each church can make it work they way it works best for them.” – D. in Branson, Missouri, United States

“Our teachers and volunteers LOVE being in there as well.  They are always saying that they too are learning a lot!” – J. in Ontario, Canada


See the Scope and Sequence for a Members’ first year, CLICK HERE!

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# of MV Cards each month

0, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000

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