Ministry Coaching




Coaching is more than just someone telling you what to do.


Do you feel like you’re meant for something “MORE” but you’re not quite sure what that “more” really is?


It’s time for you to go to the next level – in your anointing, in your leadership, in your relationships.


Your ministry needs it. Your people need it. You need it.


This coaching opportunity is limited only to a few select people each quarter, as this is one-on-one for focused individuals looking to reach the maximum growth they can in such a short time.

Looking for a group to join? Check out our 21 Day Intentional KidMin Breakthrough Course! CLICK HERE for more info.

Our coaches will partner with you to become who you know you can be – not make you a copy of us, but bring out the gold in you and help you achieve and become more than you imagine!

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Coaching Available:

Discovery – 1 Session, Launch – Weekly for 1 Month, Live – Weekly for 3 Months


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