Supernatural Church Membership - Now with Name Your Price!

You have a supernatural church.

Now you can have a supernatural kidmin also.

Equipping kids at church to be grounded in the Word and ignited by the Spirit.


Now includes access to your first Leadership Training - a $299 value!



WHy Root KidMin?

Awesome support

Training at the start, easy access to support, plus additional coaching available as well for your kidmin leader and/or leadership team.

Full of Word of Faith teachings

Recurring themes, such as Renewing the Mind, what Faith is and the Authority of the Believer are needed by every kid.

Visually Engaging.
Fully Editable.

These memorable series are built with the Children's Leader in mind, so they can lead like they were called to!

Real Spiritual Growth

Each series provide the building blocks for a supernatural life that is grounded in the Word and ignited by the Spirit.

people talk

Here's what church leaders are saying about Root KidMin:

Other than the undeniable fact that God is in it, what makes Root KidMin work so well I believe is that it's editable/mold-able, adaptable to each specific church.
Branson, Missouri
Our teachers and volunteers LOVE being in there as well. They are always saying that they too are learning a lot!"
Jessica B.
Ontario, Canada
I'm trying to keep from tearing up because it literally has everything ready to go and looks SO GOOD. Thank you for what you all do!
Roanoke, Virginia


To equip generations to train generations to grow spiritually.


Scripture Races (aka Bible Drills)

It is impossible to ground kids in the Word if they are never in their Word! These are intermixed in EVERY lesson to help kids learn to navigate their Bibles and to fall in love with His Word.


Learning to function in God’s Presence is one thing that is hard to teach without kids encountering God and His presence. These songs are picked to partner with the learning and open the door for the Spirit to move in your kid’s services.


God created laughter and for many kids, the excitement stirs their hearts to lean in more into what God is doing and saying through your teams every service. Many are pre-recorded with the option to have your own team or kids to act them out!


Most of our team became Christians at a young age. Give the kids in your congregation that same chance! There is time set aside in each service schedule for a Salvation or Ministry time.


Each month as a Member, you’ll receive:

  • Access to one of the 36 Curriculum Series. Each series includes:
    • Four to Five Editable (Word Docs) Service Schedules, including details on every aspect of service!
      • Intro
      • Offering
      • Worship
      • Skits
      • Object Lessons
      • Everything to take you from the moment kids arrive to the very end of service!
    • Not only that, but there are fully editable slideshow presentations that back up every part of service!
      • Keynote
      • PowerPoint (available in a few courses, but the more churches that partner with Root will allow these to be created even quicker!)
  • You’ll also receive regular Root online training 
  • Discounted pricing on many items at the online store
  • Access to a Member-only community group – great as a sounding board for all things kidmin
  • Plus much more! 

See the Scope and Sequence for the first twelve units:

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