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Finally, you have a great way to share with the parents the prophecy or encouraging words that have been spoken over their kids!

More often than you know, team members are noticing kids making great decisions and encourages them. You have volunteers calling out who they are in Christ, noticing the potential a child has and speaks life over them, and even some that feel like they have a prophecy or something encouraging from God to share with the kids.

What happens with those things? Are they being communicated to the kids? How are those things being saved, so other team members can review what God is doing in the kids’ lives?

That’s where these Prophecy or Encouraging Words cards come in! Here’s what you can do with these flyers:

  1. You can have one of the team members in the room write down the encouraging words or prophecy that are being spoken over them.
  2. Make a photocopy of the card, so that you can hand the copy to the parents at pick up that day.
  3. Create a file folder for each child, and place the original cards in each kid’s file. 
  4. As they kids graduate from room to room, pass the child’s file folder along as well, so that their new teachers know the destiny, potential, and the great qualities that the previous teachers have called out.
  5. When the children graduate out of the Children’s Ministry, make a copy of each card for each child, and give that to the Youth Pastor, so the youth team has a glimpse into what God is doing in each kids’ lives, even before they meet them!
  6. Take the file folder of all the original prophecies or encouraging words spoken over the graduating kids, and hand those to the parents – they will LOVE seeing the history and development of their child over the past years!
    – You may even want to bind them into a mini booklet for the parents. They would save that booklet forever!


Now includes an editable Photoshop file, and multiple jpg variations as examples, or print them as is! 

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Below are some sample ways this card can be edited:

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