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So you want to have the kids all paint on canvases during service, and this flyer will let the parents know they can buy their kid’s canvas!

It could be for a fun craft day, a fundraiser or prophetic painting – these flyers will help you get the word out! The flyer is built to be a 1/2 page, so you can make copies at the church or have them professionally printed.

Keep it short and concise – if the parents find out their kids painted a picture on a canvas, most likely, every parent will want it!

Here’s how we have run it: 

We use canvas that we buy in bulk at Michaels when they have a sale. We hand out the flyer to every parent to encourage them to pre-buy the canvases at $5 each. Usually, enough money will come in for the canvas, that we are able to provide canvases even to those who didn’t have the money to buy one.

We set up another room that day for the painting times. Half the elementary kids start in service in that room, prayer and worship while the other group goes right into painting, then they switch half way through and then we all join together at the end to discuss. The 4-5’s then rotate through the painting room too, and the 2-3’s do it with extra supervision. ๐Ÿ™‚

Set up tables they can stand and paint at. Then lay out plastic bowls for water and styrofoam plates or egg crates for paint blobs in-between each painting station. You can cut and fold cardboard boxes to be โ€œeaselsโ€ and once you get bulk acrylic paint colors and brushes, you’ll be set for a long time!  We also place one roll of paper towel at each table and a pitcher of fresh water. Use a few 5 gallon buckets for dumping old dirty water and use pitcher to refresh! We also usually play calm worship music in the room throughout the whole painting time.

As the kids are wrapping up, we ask each kid what they painted, and why they chose to paint that, then we write down on a 3×5 card what the kids say and tape it on the back of their painting as it dries!


Now includes an editable Photoshop file, and multiple jpg variations! You can use these jpgs as the background image in Word, Publisher or just about anything to write your own text labels. Or print it blank, and have someone on your team paint the details on it ๐Ÿ™‚

(no membership required!)

Here’s links to the canvases we’ve used in the past (remember, you can usually get coupons with a significant discount, and if you pick them up in store, there’s no shipping costs!

Michaels – 8″x10″ Canvases – 10 Pack

Michaels – 11″x17″ Canvases – 7 Pack


Below are the different jpg options for the flyer that included:


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