Nursery Communication Card




Your new parents want to know everything that happened with their child in the Nursery!

Especially first timers – they need to know that their child was taken care of in the Nursery, while the rest of your parents will appreciate it! There’s nothing worse as a parent assuming that your child was changed before picking them up from the Nursery, then having a blow-out on your way home!

Equip your nursery teams to consistently communicate with your parents with this simple little card! 

This is worth its weight in gold for the returns it will bring you – a new wave of trust and confidence from visitors and your regulars that your church cares about kids and wants to partner with parents!

This downloadable card is editable in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, and includes everything – even the fonts! Or, pull the blank jpg into whatever editor you have to place your desired text wherever you need it!


The printed cards are high quality, full color prints that are guaranteed to impress!

The cards options below are the generic and the Kid City branded ones; if you want yours customized, you’ll be able to replace the Kid City logo with your logo, and even change the text on the card if you want!


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Download, 100 Generic Print, 100 Kid City Park Print, 1000 Fully Customized


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