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Discover the end of many different frustrations as a Children’s Pastor! Sign up for a Introduction to Kid Nation today!

Do you ever get tired of spending good money on a curriculum, and then spending hours each week making the curriculum be palatable for your kids? Or how about feeling like you are so busy with all the “stuff” of ministry that you have no time to do what you signed on for – to do ministry!

The Kid Nation Membership, and the resources we offer, will put an end to your frustration with curriculum or the ever-increasing demand for things like a Prize Redemption store, secure (computer free) check-in, rewards and consequence systems, and so much more.

Even better than that is no longer feeling that horrible uneasiness of not having anyone to bounce ideas off of, talk about problems, get advice, or even rejoice with when something is going great! Let’s be honest – no one knows the extent of the trials and celebrations of a leader of a Children’s Ministry better than another Children’s Minister! That’s why we are here, and want you to join us!

Let us show you how your life can be so much easier and yet effective in one of our hour-long webinars: Discover All the Benefits of Membership, and see how  joining the Kid Nation family is exactly what you’ve needed for so long.


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