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Free Trial Version – Why the Cross? – Week 1

We are so glad that you are interested in knowing a little more about Kid Nation and what we offer!


Why did Jesus HAVE to die on the cross? WE get into the plans and purposes of God and of the enemy. We learn the power of what happened before, during and after the cross. It’s the month when it’s OK to ask “WHY”!

WE also have a FUN game we play all month long!! Find the CROSS!!! Download the extras if you want your kids to FIND THE CROSS and when they do they get a puzzle to complete and earn mucho prize bucks!!!

This month, if you have the budget for it, hand out candy cross bracelets to those who answer questions correctly or for kids who you choose to win the Quiet Seat Prize. (You’ll read more about this in your order of service.) Here’s where we bought them from: Candy Cross Bracelets from Oriental Trading Company

And of course, if God gives you anything that you think works great for your group that isn’t included in what is offered here, let us know! We always welcome ideas that may help other churches reach their kids when they get to this series!

Week 1: What happened leading up to the cross? (included)
Week 2: What happened on the cross? (only in the full version)
Week 3: What happened after the cross? (only in the full version)
Week 4: What is ours because of the cross!!! (only in the full version)

Interested in learning more about the full 4-week option? CLICK HERE 


First of all, there are a ton of worship and praise songs about the cross! We put in two great ones, but if God puts another song on your heart, or the kids already know and love another song, don’t hesitate – put it in! It’s as simple as clicking on the current worship song in keynote, clicking delete, then dragging and dropping the new song in. Oh, and don’t forget to resize the song, so it fits your screen!

For example, let’s use ‘Your Cross’ by Elevation Worship
(fun moves makes this song SUPER impactful)

Your Cross:

Click Here to purchase the song
Click Here to see / download a lyric background for it

 EveryThing Changed:
Click Here to purchase the song and lyric background

*By checking out and downloading these free trial files, you agree that you will not use all or any part of these files in any other manner than trying out for your church’s children’s service. You also agree to not share these files with anyone, and to delete the files if you choose not to become a Kid Nation location. All aspects of these files are copyrighted and under the ownership of Kid Nation Ministries, an agreed partner of Kid Nation Ministries, or a third party, whose copyrights stand and are acknowledged.

How do I get started?

First, you’ll need to have a Mac computer, with an app called Keynote. Once you check out with this free trial, you’ll need to download the files from the “My Account” area in this site. For a complete step by step to walk you through your first download and installing the fonts, CLICK HERE. The Keynote file is large (almost 1.2GB), so you’ll have to be patient and wait for it to completely download.
Next, you’ll have to unzip the Keynote file. You should be able to do this by simply double clicking on it. You’ll also want to do that with the fonts zip file.
While the Keynote file is being unzipped, install the fonts found in the unzipped fonts folder. If you do not install the fonts, both your Keynote and Word files will not look the way it was intended. If you have questions on how to do that, watch the Installing Fonts video on YouTube.
Once all that is completed, now you can open your Keynote and Word documents up.
In the Word Document, you’ll notice an introductory page, followed by the layout of the service, and then a sample task sheet to edit and use for your team. After that, the Order of Service has arrows throughout the document to show you how to progress through the slides, step-by-step, so you and your team always knows what is coming up next. Each arrow shows when to click on the computer or swipe on a OS device to progress the slides, so they always match what’s going on in service.
Just as a reminder, both the Keynote file and the Word document are totally editable, so make it work for you! Delete things, move slides around, reword other things, or change the translation in the Scriptures. Just be sure to also edit your Word document, so that the Word doc always matches the Keynote – it makes your services run so much more smoothly that way!

The RootKidMin Website

Along with the files, we always have notes on the website of what the series is about, teaching tools, and anything else that may be helpful to you. Like this, we have memory verse cards and songs associated with this series. Click here for more.



Here’s what is written for “Why the Cross”: 







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