13 Days Training Course (4-Sessions) PLUS the Complete 13 Days Kit



One of the biggest hindrances to a Children’s Minister to roll something out new is when they have to figure it all out on their own – they NEED someone to come along side of them and help them roll it out the right way! That’s where our four 13 Days training videos come in!

Not only do you get four videos of 13 Days training, you’ll also receive ALL of the customizable 13 Days files! You get it all!

Through these videos, we will be able to walk you step-by-step through integrating this 13 Days volunteer culture shift at your church,  train your existing team with what they need to be able to deliver a consistent message to church family members and start building your team with confidence and consistency!

You will feel equipped to roll this out successfully with your whole team sharing how little the commitment is, the congregation of your church will quickly understand the simple blessing that they are being asked to make and the importance of this mandate from the Lord. When these principles are communicated effectively and new understanding rises up and church family step forward being so much more eager to be a part of ministering life to the WHOLE church!

It’s a “win” for the congregation, because they will be able to pass their wisdom and experience to the kids,  without feeling trapped in kids’ ministry or that they won’t be able to have adult relationships at the church. It’s a “win” for your team, because your team will be supplemented with new team members, who are excited to be there! And it’s a “win” for you, because your team will be equipped to grow the team with the tools that are included in this 13 days culture shift!



• Confidence that you can release more of the congregation into ministry positions
• New mindsets & lingo you might want you and your team to use
• Tips of what to do when people express interest that won’t scare people away
• Valuable insight into setting up your entry-level volunteer positions
• Easy step-by-step coaching in every video so that you can spend minimal energy with much greater results!


(Fully editable in either Illustrator or Photoshop)

• Name Tag Inserts
• 4’x6′ Calendar to edit and have printed for your wall (or any size you want)
• Recruitment Postcard (two sided) where people can mark their monthly commitment and know they are safe in their 13 days over the next year commitment!
• New Team Member Postcard- Welcome to the team (one sided) showing them what they have committed to and the requirements of that new position
• Posters to print and hang along your preschool walls• Team Descriptions Poster (make the needs of the ministry LARGE & clear!)
• Application cover for continuity of your team application

Details: Once you check out, you’ll have immediate access to download the 13 day combo kit, which  includes all the prints you would need to let your congregation know – there are name tag sized 13 Day signs for your team to wear, postcards to hand out to the team, even a massive calendar you can put on the wall in your kids’ hallway. (Team members LOVE to sign their name on the week they serve – it’s a way you can acknowledge their commitment to the rest of the congregation, plus earn a new level of commitment to the Children’s Ministry.) It also includes a 1080p sized slide to use in your church’s announcements, an editable poster for you to describe each position, a 13 days cover for your application, and even a postcard to use while welcoming them to the team! Make each piece what you need – each piece includes fully a editable version in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, with all the fonts included!

Then, within a couple days, you’ll receive your first 13 Days training email, with a link to watch your first coaching video!

The only thing you’ll have to purchase is the lanyards and/or the name tag pouch, if you choose to use those and what printer you will have print the resources for you after personalizing! Here’s where we have found to be the cheapest lanyards/pouches while still offering good quality:

      –  Blue Lanyard with Clips
      –  4.25″ x 6″ Name Tag Pouches



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