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This 13 Days Team Description Poster brings clarity about what is expected of your team members.

Have you ever given your all, only to find out that what you were really focused on doing excellent didn’t matter much to those you were trying so hard to impress? Have you ever dreamed up how hard a task or activity will be, just because of your limited understanding of it, only to find out that it was a breeze, or maybe even something you enjoyed?

Why is it that our minds seem to drift to the worst possible scenario as the most likely one? That’s what happens all too often to those in the congregation that have thought about joining your Children’s Ministry. 

Help ease the minds of potential new team members or even remind your current team members of what you expect of them with this Team Description Poster!

The downloadable zip file of the 13 Days Team Description Poster includes an editable Adobe Photoshop file, along with all the fonts needed to make it into exactly what you need! So, you can change the description and title of each position within your Children’s Ministry, or even add your own church or Kid’s Ministry’s logo!

The 13 Days Poster is also one of the parts that is included in the 13 Day Volunteer Campaign Combo Kit – if you are looking to get the digital version of a few different pieces, it may work out to be cheaper to just get them all! CLICK HERE to see everything in the 13 Day Combo Kit!

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