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This 13 Days Calendar will not only show your congregation the available spots for them to fill, but it also brings recognition and appreciation to your team!

There’s some people on your team that will be indifferent about their name on the wall calendar, but there are also many people that serve with you that will be excited and feel honored to be acknowledged for what they do in the Children’s Ministry! They may even choose to volunteer another day, just to have their name on the calendar twice. 🙂

This 13 Days Calendar zip file includes a pdf and editable Adobe Illustrator file, along with all the fonts needed to make it into exactly what you need! It’s also completely resizable (vector), which means you can make it as big or small as you want! We have found that six feet long and four feet tall seems to be a good size to allow your team to sign their name in the calendar square, but go as big as you want! (Which may also require a small ladder if you make it too much bigger…)

The 13 Days Calendar is also one of the parts that is included in the 13 Day Volunteer Campaign Combo Kit – if you are looking to get the digital version of a few different pieces, it may work out to be cheaper to just get them all! CLICK HERE to see everything in the 13 Day Combo Kit!

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