WEIRD Memory Verse Cards – Matt. 7:14 and John 15:19




Every kid will want one of the WEIRD Memory Verse cards!


  • Have the physical Memory Verse cards for both months shipped to you – Mathew 7:14 and John 15:19 cards (you’ll receive 25 cards of both verses)
  • Purchase/download the printable digital files of the memory verses files to hang around your church or load up on digital media
  • Purchase/Download various musical mixes of the song including ring tones for both Memory Verses

The verse files include both legal sized and poster sized, plus the song associated with this Bible verse comes in a variety of lengths and formats.

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Sample the Memory Verse songs here:

Weird Red Memory Verse Song 


Weird Green Memory Verse Song (Month 2)


Bonus: Weird Red Memory Verse Rap


Additional information

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions4 × 2.5 × 1 in

Digital Versions of each verse/card, Physical Versions – 50 pack bundle of both verses, Digital and Physical of each verse/card!, Memory Verse Songs for each verse


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