A Sample Week of the new Transformed Series by Root KidMin!




Who’s ready to be TRANSFORMED… for FREE?!


The Transformed Series by Root KidMin

Prepare to be forever changed as you teach the power of being transformed in Christ!!! With a powerful Transformers-style theme, you will teach how in Christ we can be heroes to this world as we transform by His power.

Our series are more than a flashy intro video and then five slides of jpgs (or worse yet, no graphics at all!) Instead, we put as much time into the “flashy intro video” as we do the rest of the service. Let’s be honest – it’s not the introduction of a series when you tend to loose the kids; it’s half way through when they are not being stimulated with media that backs up your message! The slides are not meant to replace the teacher in the room either – they are built to back up what’s being said, so that these kids look to the members of your church for their spiritual guidance, not media/social media.

So, you’ll see things like this all the way through your service:



Week 1: Transformed by Salvation (This is the one you can download for free!)

Week 2: Transformed by the Word 

Week 3: Transform with the help of the Holy Spirit

Week 4: Transform your world 

  – To get the whole series, CLICK HERE!


Want the Romans 12:2 Memory verse cards or song that is used in this series? It’s automatically included once you become a member, or you can download them in the SCRIPTURE CARDS section of our online store. 


Bonus LINKS:


Transformer Costumes:
Crazy Nice 3D Bumblebee Transformer Costume (Budget-conscious options are also available)
Crazy Nice 3D Optimus Prime Transformer Costume (Budget-conscious options are also available)

Bulk play-doh for Kids Transforming Play-doh contest (flyer in extras):
Play-doh Case of Colors (at Amazon)


Suggested WORSHIP Songs:

(two songs are included, but these options are great too!)

Transformed” by Lantern Music
What a Friend” by Kids On The Move

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