Sample Unit: In The Beginning – Life Kids



In The Beginning – LifeKids

Sample – Only Week 1


This series is built off the Life Kids early childhood series with the same name. They do a fantastic job putting the videos together!
Before you begin opening the files, be sure to install the fonts within the extras folder! For a step-by-step tutorial on installing fonts on a mac, check out this video: CLICK HERE! For help all the way through downloading the files also, CLICK HERE!


Any other questions? Let us know! Shoot us an email to and we will get back to you as quickly as we can!


Be sure to download at least the picture passes, story cards, and the send home pages (called “Adventure Books”) from CLICK HERE


Also, if you don’t yet have the Adventure Bag like Miss Emily uses in the videos, you can order it on Amazon.


Now here’s everything else you need!


(KC is for the older preschool kids; KCZoo is built similar, but with 2-3’s in mind.)

Series Topics:


Week 1: In The Beginning – The Video Curriculum

– This week is the introduction to the theme – God made me amazing and wonderful!

– Craft supplies for this week: you’ll want one doily and two googly eyes per child, plus glue to attach all of these. Craft paper is on the last page of the Word Document for this week; it’s in black and white, so the kids can color it also.



Week 2: God Made the Sun, Moon and Stars

– Experience the Bible needs a picture of the sun – if you don’t have one, use one of the options in the extras folder.

– For craft you will need a sun coloring sheet per child. You’ll also need a bunch of glow in the dark star stickers – you should be able to find them at most craft stores, or online at Amazon.



Week 3: God Made the Birds, Fish and Animals

– This week in Experience the Bible, you’ll need play dough for each child. Borrow them from church members, or order them in bulk on Amazon.

– Craft is in two parts this week – one when they first arrive, and one later in the service. For the first part, you’ll need washable markers and at least one coffee filter for each child (white coffee filters work better than brown for this craft.) Once they color the coffee filter, spray it lightly with a misting handheld sprayer (causing the colors to blend slightly), and let it dry. Later, they will glue fish that you print on card stock and cut out (see the extras folder), or order some from Amazon.



Week 4: God Made Man, and it is Very Good!

– In the Kid City Zoo service, the layout changed slightly from normal, so that the kids would watch a segment with Blinky before talking about the video clip, so make sure your teachers are aware of the switch.

– The craft could get messy! You’ll either need a large stamp pad (big enough for a kid’s whole hand), or a styrofoam plate with the bottom completely covered in wet paint. If you choose to use paint, you may want to put down some drop clothes for extra protection… just in case. You’ll also want a way to easily and quickly clean the child’s hand immediately after making the handprint. The label with the verse is in the extras folder – the first page is all black and white, the second in color – choose whichever one you’d prefer. The labels are sized to fit Avery 5160, which you can get about anywhere, or order on Amazon.



Week 5: God Made Us Creative!

– During Experience the Bible, you’ll want something like a small marker board to record the kids ideas.

– For craft this week, you’ll need markers and animals to color, such as these ones on Amazon or these at Oriental Trading.

– Just for fun, you could end this series by taking a picture of the class all dressed up as animals, or even use some “masks” for the kids to hold for the picture, such as these on Amazon. Instead of the craft that is included, you could have the older kids create and color animal puppets using paper lunch bags. There are tons of ideas HERE, or have them build their own puppet using a craft kit, such as these from Oriental Trading.


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