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Ouch! That’s Going to leave a Mark!


This series is about seeing people or events in the Bible that made decisions that made a mark on history – some were good decisions, and some are not. The reoccurring theme is that the decisions we make every day are super important, even the little ones – we are either choosing to line up with God’s plan for our lives, or setting ourselves up for an “Ouch!” experience of our own.

If you traditionally have some extra time, challenge some of your teens or your team to create a seek and find style game for each week. The kids will love the opportunity to go on some treasure hunting of their own. If it’s nice enough outside, have a list of riddles and clues that get them to where their snack is hidden.


    • Want extra help coming up with the riddles, or even locations? This site is fantastic for making riddles and clues that won’t be too easy:



You also could task some on your team to write a second skit for each week. There are tons of opportunities and ideas for writing additional sketches for these two characters, but we didn’t include more because the service is already so full. That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t!


Anyway, just some ideas of how to make it fun. If you do play some games, take some pics or send us some links to what you did, so we can pass that on to the rest of the churches as they get to this series!

Room Decor:


Since this series is all about decisions that were made by people in the Bible, you could decorate your room like ancient Israel. Or, each week there’s a skit about two treasure seekers, so you could go for a pirate theme or decorate the room as any exotic place as the set for each week’s skits.
  • Check with the congregation to see if you could borrow any huge stuffed animals, small teepees or tents, or black or green ropes (use them as vines).
  • Borrow as much fake foliage as you can from the storage areas at the church, or as a neighboring church that you have an established relationship with if they have any that you could borrow.
  • If you want to go all out, check if anyone in the congregation has a large bird (like a parrot or cockatoo) or a monkey who would be willing to bring it to church early each week this month. You might be surprised at some of the connections your church members have!
  • Find other room decorating ideas by searching online for pics of jungle room decor, desert room decor,
  • Or check with your team! The may have some ingenious ideas from God for you to use!

Series Syllabus:


  • Week 1: Fear & Your Words are Powerful! (10 Spies & Jericho)
    • There is a two person skit in each of these weeks – both are treasure hunters, or explorers, so find some costumes for them, such as this at Amazon.


  • Week 2: Making the Tough Decision, Even when it’s Hard (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego)

      The skit references clowns being “scary” – if you have a clown costume, it could be funny to have someone come out as a clown immediately that skit, or surprise the actual team doing the skit. 🙂


  • Week 3: Live by God’s Directions (Samson)

      The kids might enjoy if one of your team came out wearing a wig with super long hair, such as this one from Amazon.


  • Week 4: A Life in Christ (12 Spies/Promised Land)
    • There are a lot of potential object lessons in this sermon – a lamp, a lightbulb, rechargeable batteries, and weight loss pics are all part of the lesson. The sermons talks about the 12 spies that toured the promise land, but it may be effective to act this out.



NEXT MONTH: You’ll either do the Summer Series, the Christmas Series, or start YEAR 4!!! Crazy!!!

We are still writing the content for Year 4, but we’ll contact you about the different options that we are making available to you – we are not going to abandon you here!


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