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The Real You (carnival series)


This series is about seeing the real you correctly. How crazy would it be to see yourself in one of those silly warped mirrors that you find at carnivals, and walk away convinced that’s what we really look like. Christians do that way to often in the spiritual realm, so that’s why we are setting these kids up with a right “reflection” of who they truly are in Christ!

Since it’s a carnival theme, make it fun! Use the Scripture Races as some kind of game:

    • Maybe do a boys vs. girls connect 4 game: whoever gets the verse first, gets to put in another disk of their color. Closest to getting 4 in a row by the end of service, wins.


    • Maybe they get to play a game on their own to win candy, or play a game to win points for their column, and whichever column has the most points by the end of service, wins a small prize.


  • Maybe implement some games from shows like “Minute to Win It” – they have a ton of games using stuff you probably have around the church or your home, and many of their intros can be found on Youtube.


In addition to the Scripture Race games, challenge your team to come up with ways to turn your room into a Carnival, so the kids can have a great time before and after service!


Anyway, just some ideas of how to make it fun. If you do play some games, take some pics or send us some links to what you did, so we can pass that on to the rest of the churches as they get to this series!

Room Decor:

 This series has a carnival feel to it, so raid your Halloween alternative storage, and pull out the fun! Get creative (or delegate the room design out to some on your team or the teens) and have fun with it!
Here’s some links to what other churches have used to make their room into a carnival:
  • Anytime someone was sent to receive tickets, they stopped by this to find out how many. It was on their stage, because all the kids wanted to know how many tickets they got.
  • One church used this to make easy carnival-style warped mirrors. They had some on stage, but also at the welcome counter for all the kids to laugh at the reflections. (The siblings and parents enjoyed them also.)
  • Hang them up around the room for instant carnival feel!

Much more!


Series Syllabus:


  • Week 1: Free from Sin (Gideon)
    • There is a skit in this one for three people, but it is easily editable to two by having Gideon and the Narrator be done by the same person. It’s a segment of the historical account of Gideon. Other than costumes (if you wanted), there is nothing special or extra needed in this week’s lesson.
      A hilariously fun video to illustrate the story of Gideon can be found on Church on the Move’s free Resource site – CLICK HERE to check it out!


  • Week 2: In Covenant with God (David and Goliath)
    • This one is on our Covenant with God, and uses David and Goliath as an example. There isn’t a skit included, but if you have time, it may be fun to have the kids re-enact the historical account of David and Goliath – even see if they can do it from memory. You may have to guide it from time to time, but I bet them might get pretty close to how it biblically goes!
      Also, since it does reference Goliath, it may be fun to print the Goliath Head in the Extras folder, and stick on a wall as an example of how high nine feet is – it’s a great visual for the kids to really fathom his stature!
      There’s another funny video about David and Goliath from Church on the Move: CLICK HERE


  • Week 3: Created to Rule (Adam and Eve)
    • God created us for two reasons:
      1. For fellowship
      2. For us to rule and reign.
      You may want to bring in a picture of your dog (or bring it to church, if your Pastor would allow it), or also a drawing you did (could be recently or from childhood). Having physical items really helps the kids connect.


  • Week 4: A Life in Christ (12 Spies/Promised Land)
    • There are a lot of potential object lessons in this sermon – a lamp, a lightbulb, rechargeable batteries, and weight loss pics are all part of the lesson. The sermons talks about the 12 spies that toured the promise land, but it may be effective to act this out.


Other Worship Links:

“Scream It” by CitiKidz (optional fun song for this series)
    – Preview and download the song on
    – This link goes to the page where you can download the audio, lyric background, moves, everything!


 “I am Yours” by Kids on the Move (another optional song for this series)
    – Preview the song and moves on YouTube
    – Download the song and the moves on Church on the Move’s Free Resources site



This series is all about having the faith to stand for God and do what He says, even in the face of opposition, and see God do amazing things! It also goes over how when people go against God is futile, and usually leaves them saying “Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark!”

Ouch! Series Syllabus:

Week 1: Fear & Your Words are Powerful! (10 Spies & Jericho)
Week 2: Making the Tough Decision, Even when it’s Hard (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego)
Week 3: Live by God’s Directions (Samson)
Week 4: A Life in Christ (12 Spies/Promised Land)


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