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Armor of God


This series is all about making the Armor of God no longer seem like an inapplicable ideological truth. This series clearly reveals what each piece really is, and how to operate in it! Much of the lessons in this series we got from Ps. Jim Baker (used with permission). To listen to his series on the Armor of God to prepare yourself, or even your team, click HERE.


Room Decor: You could bring back out the military decor again or you could decorate like the kids are coming to the Roman Empire, but’s it’s not necessary for the series. If you can, have a person who served in the military or is on the police force share about how important it is to have protection, have each other’s backs, etc.


It’s a great series that I know your kids will love, and your team even may learn some things through this series!


Series Syllabus:


  • Week 1: The Victory of Jesus
    • There’s a candy bar example for this week; you’ll need one king sized candy bar and one regular sized candy bar. You’ll find the replacement wrappers you’ll need in the extras folder. Also, there’s a MRE eating contest at the end of the service if you’ll have time – a super fun way to end service!


  • Week 2: Our God is a Warrior
    • For the object lesson this week, you’ll need a clear cup, hot water & a tea bag – a dark colored tea will work best.
    • You’ll may want to download the Volkswagen Darth Vader Commercial and/or the GI Joe Accelerator Suit Demo – they both are excellent examples for this week! (We have no rights to this content)
    • Lastly, the game at the end, if you have time, involves hiding plastic army men. Someone on your team should have some, but if not you can order them HERE.


  • Week 3: The Belt of Truth
    • The game is moved to the middle of the service this week, and you’ll need two adult robes and one belt – the bigger the robe the better.
    • Totally optional, but if you have a snake puppet, it adds to the service. A fishing rod (preferably a fly fishing rod) does also.


  • Week 4: The Breastplate of Righteousness
    • Sermon part 1 can be particularly revealing or uncomfortable for some; you may want to have Chat & Check or Ministry Time right after that.
    • The game moves to the end again this week – so if you’ll have time, you’ll want backpacks and whatever you want the kids to stuff them with – hiking/camping supplies, traveling clothes, or whatever!
    • At the end of sermon part 1, there is an opportunity to pray with the kids to be filled with the Holy Spirit, if you feel the kids are ready for Him!


  • Week 5: Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
    • Game jumps to the middle of service again – this time it’s shoes vs. socks tug of war. You’ll need a long rope with a ribbon or something tied at the half way point of the rope. You will also want to mark the floor with tape in three spots: the beginning/halfway mark, and the two “finish lines” for the teams.
    • There’s a great clip from Home Alone that fits in well with this week – the part where one of the robbers sneaks in without shoes and steps on the broken Christmas ornaments. If you don’t own that movie, rent it! Then you should be able to queue the video, or use a clip from YouTube.


  • Week 6: The Shield of Faith
    • Game is in the middle of Sermon, part 1 – You can do it as Freeze Tag, but if you have access to them or it’s going to be a super nice day out, then do the game as a Nerf War (ask the kids to bring theirs from home) or Water Balloon fight (you may want to warn the parents ahead of time!).
    • The object lesson also requires some of the same things: foam darts or foam arrows, a few swim noodles, and some sort of shield. For the shield, you could use an actual shield, a sheet of cardboard, or whatever!
    • (Rent “Captain America (1 or 2) and show a clip showing how he is protected by his shield. Here’s a suggested clip from the original: HERE.)
    • At the end of the sermon is a story example. It may bring the point home even more if you bring in a tennis racquet and ball. Definitely not required, but would add to it!


  • Week 7: The Helmet of Salvation
    • If you have an ultrasound of you or from one of your kids, swapping that out with the stock one provided will help the kids (and you) connect through the image – You know the details of a personal one much better than trying to decode a stock image!
    • A drill seargent costume for a puppet or person makes a skit much better – the same costume/character could be used for some of the aspects in the prior weeks also.


  • Week 8: The Sword of the Spirit
    • This week there is a bunch of extra cutting to prep for the Game/Object Lesson, so draft some help! In the extras folder is a pdf of puzzles – you’ll want to print out enough to put one puzzle piece under each seat in your room. Also, print the different puzzles on different colored paper or cardstock to make it easier to differentiate.




There are a few things that seem to be easy for Christians to overlook or skip, but are very important! Not everything that is urgent is important.
The set for the skits is a shipping department, so have stacks of boxes everywhere! Leave them up as your “stage” all month long – the kids love it!
Also, there is a reoccurring animal puppet who shows up in week 2 – the skits are written for the puppet to be a lemur, but if you have an animal puppet, use it! Otherwise, there are some great options at Amazon, Axtell, Pavlov’s Puppets, and sometimes Ebay. Check them out!

Series Syllabus:

Week 1: Your Relationship with God
Week 2: Hearing God’s Voice
Week 3: Your Thoughts
Week 4: Sin


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