*Summer Bonus – The Sweet Life, Part 2



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The Sweet life, Part 2


What kind of life should we be living as one of God’s kids? The sweet life. It’s one more month to train new team members and leaders, have some off time with your family, and enjoy a less intense series! Delegate to ones on your team that haven’t had a teaching part before to see how they do leading the conversation with the kids – you might find a hidden leader!

Series Syllabus:

  • Week 1: Part of being God’s kid is the Bible truth is the  real truth about us all the time!
  • Week 2: Part of being God’s kid is enjoying guidance all the time!
  • Week 3: Part of being God’s kid is enjoying God’s ability all the time!
  • Week 4: 7 Week Review Game: Do you remember the benefits we covered about being in God’s family?


If you’ve given away too many that you might not make it through the upcoming month, here’s the link again to a 180 piece tub of Smarties candy rolls: CLICK HERE
CLICK HERE for the link to the GIANT SWEET TARTS.



You’ll jump wherever you left off! You’ll do the next monthly series in your normal progression. Remember to change a few of the review questions to reflect what the kids have been learning the last couple of months!


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