*Summer Bonus – The Sweet Life, Part 1



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The Sweet life that we have as God’s kids!

What kind of life should we be living as one of God’s kids? The sweet life. For the next two months, you and your kids will experience the ups and downs of discovering the sweet life in a humorous way through fun videos that parody a popular kids show.

Most of the lessons are simply watching the videos, then just talking about what you’ve just watched. So, use this two-month series to allow someone other than the regular person who teaches to “try out” or develop their teaching skills, so you can have a “backup” when needed. Or, use this time to bring new volunteers in – you might have more time than usual to train them. It’s also makes for a great series to go on vacation, because it is so easy for someone else to do. 🙂

In our extras folder is the giant door banner, in case you have the ability to print it out and apply it on one of your doors to your room! It also makes a great cover over a prop door to enter and exit the stage. No matter how you use it, this is a fun prop for the next two months!!!

Series Syllabus:

  • Week 1: Part of being God’s kid is enjoying provision all the time!
    • You’ll have to edit the review questions to reflect what the kids have recently learned.
  • Week 2: Part of being God’s kid is enjoying righteousness all the time!
  • Week 3: Part of being God’s kid is enjoying healing all the time!
    • A stuffed animal makes a great prop during the lesson time this week
  • Week 4: Part of being God’s kid is enjoying the Holy Spirit all the time!


Remind your kids in a fun way all this month how SWEET God’s life is by handing out sweet tarts in addition to tickets during service as they participate!!! Here’s a link to a 180 piece tub of Smarties candy rolls CLICK HERE, but use whatever! (as long as it’s sweet) 🙂

Also, you’ll always get a giant response by having Giant Candy as your Quiet Seat Prizes!


NEXT MONTH: The Sweet Life Continues

The benefits of being one of God’s kids could not be explained in just one month! And remember, they are easy sermons for you to enjoy, or use them to develop someone’s teaching or mentoring ability! 🙂


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