Unit 27 – How to be a S.T.A.R.



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How to be a S.T.A.R.

Every person, even children, want to be noticed, want to be valued. This series gets to the heart of that and exposes why God made us that way. It’s not so that we can all strive for fame or popularity, it’s so that we will strive to live up to the potential that God put in us to influence the world around us for His Kingdom. We need to choose to shine His light like a S.T.A.R.!

Room Decor: It’s all about being a shining light to a dark world. To decorate your room for this series, ask your volunteers for glow-in-the-dark anything and everything, especially if your room can be darkened. Other things you can do is to replace some of the bulbs with blacklight bulbs, so that white glow, or hang glow in the dark stars from the ceiling, such as these stars available at Amazon!

Series Syllabus:

  • Week 1: “S” stands for Study
    • If you choose to act out the skit instead of playing the videotaped skit, you’ll need a spirit man costume and a devil/enemy costume. You may also want a game controller. The game requires a flashlight (you’ll play this same game in other weeks in this series).
  • Week 2: “T” stands for Trust
    • For the game this week, you’ll need to have a blank piece of paper for each child, and enough writing utensils to two kids can share one. You also need a way to blindfold half the kids in the room. If it’s cool outside, have the kids use their jackets as a blindfold!
    • For the object lesson, you’ll need three things kids like (candy, toys, prize bucks, etc), and one thing they would not (use your imagination!). You’ll also need a way to hide these from sight, like cardboard boxes.
  • Week 3: “A” stands for Act
    • In the intro skit, one girl must look like she was pushed in the mud. The game needs a flashlight, if you have time to play it.
  • Week 4: (Optional) The Importance of Being a Light
    • For the object lesson, you’ll need a really bright flashlight or shop light, and a way to cover it up – a box or metal bin would work fine. The game also uses a flashlight.
    • We highly recommend showing “The Skinny on Evangelism” by the Skit Guys – it fits in perfectly!
    • At the end of sermon part 1, there is an opportunity to pray with the kids to be filled with the Holy Spirit, if you feel the kids are ready for Him!
  • Week 5: “R” stands for Repeat – It’s not a one day or one decision thing; it’s a lifetime.
    • If you can, you’ll want a guitar hero guitar (or any kind of guitar) and some exercise weights for the skit. Having a basketball might also help during sermon part 1.


Glow-in-the-Dark Stars on Amazon
The Skinny on Evangelism” by the Skit Guys
– “Nothing is Impossible” by Planetshaker Kids – great alternative worship song
           Youtube Link (don’t use if you don’t own this song!)
           Amazon Link
(to purchase the song, cause it’s awesome)
– “Shine A Light” by Kids on the Move
           Youtube Link (don’t use if you don’t own this song!)
          Full Resource Link
to Seeds.ChurchOnTheMove



Making the Armor of God no longer seem like an inapplicable ideological truth. This series clearly reveals what each piece really is, and how to operate in it! Much of the lessons in this series we got from Ps. Jim Baker (used with permission). To listen to his series on the Armor of God to prepare yourself, or even your team, click HERE.

Room Decor: You could bring back out the military decor again or you could decorate like the kids are coming to the Roman Empire, but’s it’s not necessary for the series. If you can, see if you can have a person who served in the military or is on the police force share about how important it is to have protection, have each other’s backs, etc.

It’s a great series that I know your kids will love, and your team even may learn some things through this series!

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