Unit 25: Hello, My Name is…



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Hello, My Name Is… Jesus

Names are so important to God that He would even change them to better reflect who He had created them to be. In the Middle Eastern culture, when you came in the name of someone, your words, actions, and even requests were interpreted as coming from the one who sent you… in their name.

Now, we have been sent to take dominion in this world “in the name of Jesus”, but what does that mean? How can we do it? That’s what we dive into in this month’s series!

The theme of this month looks like those “Hello My Name is” name tag stickers. You may wish to use those as the name tags this month. We also have Hello My Name Is t-shirts – you could use them as a fundraiser, as prizes, or just to build the excitement for this series. One church used them as the volunteer’s team t-shirts for the month. They are super fun! If you are interested in purchasing some of these, just email us and let us know!

Also, give an at home challenge: with the aid of an adult, discover what their name means. If they bring it written down on a name tag print out sheet, reward them somehow – you could use tickets, Prize Bucks, candy, or whatever you come up with!


Series Topics:

  • Week 1: Jesus’ names are descriptions of who He is in and through you.
  • Week 2: The Authority of Jesus is available to us through His name.
  • Week 3: We have all Authority and Power over the devil in the Name of Jesus
  • Week 4: The Ambassador of heaven  is Jesus, and you!



1 dozen 9″ tall marker board paddles

9 Giant insects and spiders

Name of Jesus Craft with 122 names! (older kids or at home may be best)


Other Potential Worship Songs:

Really, any worship song about Jesus is great during this segment, so see if there are any you can use from the current worship songs from the adult service. If none of them are really “kid-friendly” (aka – tons of words, difficult melody, not about Jesus directly etc.), then here are a few others that we suggest:

     “Beautiful Jesus” by Jonathan & Melissa Helser of Bethel Music
        CLICK HERE for the link to purchase the song
        CLICK HERE to view/download a lyric video for this song (buy the song first!)
        (this is a slow song for those who have kids that are ready to go slow and not disengage)



Almost everyone wants to be a star – but how can we be one in God’s eyes?

S.T.A.R. – It’s all about being a shining light to a dark world. To decorate your room for this series, ask your volunteers for glow-in-the-dark anything and everything, especially if your room can be darkened. Other things you can do is to replace some of the bulbs with blacklight bulbs, so that white glow, or hang glow in the dark stars from the ceiling, such as these stars available at Amazon!

Start your prep now, so that you have what you need ahead of time!

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