Unit 28 – Handle with Care



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Handle With Care


There are a few things that seem to be easy for Christians to overlook or skip, but are very important! Not everything that is urgent is important. We need to handle with care each of these four topics.
The skits each week are all set in a shipping department – There is a reoccurring animal puppet who shows up in week 2 – the skits are written for the puppet to be a lemur, but if you have an animal puppet, use it! Otherwise, there are some great options at Amazon, Axtell, Pavlov’s Puppets, and sometimes Ebay. My current favorite of non-standard puppets is Luna’s Puppets. Check these out!  (If you know of another great place to get puppets, put it in the comments below!)
Also, see if anyone in the congregation has a postal or delivery service uniform that you could borrow for the month – really makes it real for the kids. If not, jeans and t-shirts are a great “costume” for this series (As long as it’s not the Kid Nation logo shirt.)


Room Decor:

 The set for the skits is a shipping department, so have stacks of boxes everywhere! Leave them up as your “stage” all month long – the kids love it! For the puppet skits, it works best if there are multiple places the puppet can pop up from – maybe delegate it to your team or the teens to connect the boxes together, cut paths through them, etc.


Series Syllabus:


  • Week 1: Your Relationship with God
    • If you have a picture of yourself and a childhood best friend, bring that for this week. (Even better is if you have a second pic of you two together recently also.)
    • For the skit, it helps make it even more intriguing for the kids if you get one of the battery powered balls, like this one: CLICK HERE. (You’ll put it in the box that gets carried out and dropped.)
    • You will want to have a chalkboard, marker board, or an art board on an easel for the end of the sermon – it’s application time!


  • Week 2: Hearing God’s Voice
    • There’s a lip reading contest this week, so it’s helpful to have some short sentences or phrases written down on a sheet of paper before service starts. Examples: “I love you”, “I want ice cream” or “Jack jumped over the candle stick.”
    • There are a bunch of videos about people misunderstanding each other – they are hilarious! If you do a loop of music videos on the screen after service, it may be fun to add these to the mix, so the kids can share them with their parents as they are picked up.


  • Week 3: Your Thoughts
    • A basketball and/or golf club would be nice to have in hand for an example at the end of the sermon, but not a necessity.


  • Week 4: Sin
    • There’s a “Myth Burners” object lesson/skit this week. It’s helpful to have a white trench coat and googles for the character. You will also need to have two sheets of flash paper and a lighter. If you don’t have flash paper, CLICK HERE.
    • If someone is good at magic tricks or you are willing to learn, making something disappear under a cloth would be fantastic as the kids learn the God didn’t just cover over our sins, He took them completely away from us (aka disappear).




God’s has a fantastic recipe for a “full” Christian life in His “cookbook”. (Full, as in satisfied or walking in the fullness of God’s plan.) Have fun with this! You can transform your stage or room to have the feel of a commercial kitchen or a cooking tv show, or whatever else God brings to mind. (If you ask around, people in your congregation probably have kitchen appliances that they are not using and will let you borrow for the month – doesn’t hurt to ask!)

Series Syllabus:

Week 1: You are what you eat
Week 2: Garbage for dinner
Week 3: Learning to eat
Week 4: Cooking up good behavior


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