Unit 21 – Steps to Faith (Video Game Series)


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Steps to Faith Video Game Series

A Series all about the steps to knowing the one thing that without it, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God- FAITH!

Pull out everything you know about video games- we are going virtual!!! Ah! Your computer has a VIRUS!!!! Ok, not really- but the kids will think it has one!!!

This whole series takes place in different levels in a video game as we try to rescue two kids who need to know the one thing that REALLY pleases God!!

This series takes your kids on an adventure like never before. When the “bad guy” takes over our computer he steals the “faith kids” from the MV card and demands we play a game with him in order to get those kids back and learn the ONE THING that without it, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God!!!

This month, you will want someone (or be someone) to really act this up, like you are actually playing a video game instead of teaching- you are going through this game all four weeks with your students and learning the steps that lead up to faith!!!

Want to see it in action?

Here’s week 2 at church:


Here’s week 2 with one teacher online:


Series Syllabus:

WEEK 1: Knowledge

WEEK 2: Hope

WEEK 3: Grace

WEEK 4: Faith

You will need a video game remote somewhere in the room to go and grab in order to “pretend” to play the game, when really you are still controlling the slides like you always do- you are just working harder to make it NOT look like your controlling the slides!!! It may work better if you have one of your teenage workers in for the month to “pretend” to play the game– explain it’s because you are bad at games and have them sti up on the stage and pretend to play any time the character moves. Running your service from your phone this month and holding it like between papers helps make the video game concept even MORE real!

Your kids will be MESMERIZED at the fact that they can play a game and learn a WHOLE LOT!!!



A fun “extra” you can do this month is purchase some gold coins. In the series the “bad guy” has taken away our tickets and replaced them with Gold coins!! The kids think this is a blast to switch it up for the month. Then instead of a drawing at the end we only do quiet seat prizes!!!

Here is the link to the coins:

or on AMAZON.

We have also included in the EXTRAS folder a Poster to put over your ticket poster for the month! 

OPTIONAL FUN ADDITION – Costumes for your Team

We also did something fun where when the “bad guy virus” took over our stage team turned into video game characters!!! Do it for just the pastors, or the whole team! (It is like the Noah character in the movie Evan Almighty- they can’t change out of their “costumes” even if they try!!!) We hope that after they win the game they will change back…..and they do!!!




And/Or Princess:


Quiet Seat Prizes Options:

Super Mario Brothers Question Box w/ Candy
Super Mario Brothers Mushroom Tin w/ Candy
Super Mario Brothers Star Tin w/ Candy


WORSHIP (suggested in addition)

“Nothing Is Impossible” by Planet Shakers


“Christ In Me” by Planet Shakers


NEXT MONTH: Power of One

Can one person really make a difference?

Every person has a deep desire to make a difference in the world. This series studies people throughout the whole Bible who made a huge difference. We’ll discover ways that we can apply to our lives too, so that we can become people that God can use powerfully!