Unit 18 – The Spiritual World



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The Reality of the Spiritual World

Bring out the decoders!!! (If you haven’t bought them yet, get them now! (CLICK HERE) We will be decoding the realm we can not see! Is it real? Do angels and demons exist? Why should we care about what we can not see?

Together you will decode the reality that what we do not see is WAY more real than what we see with our natural eyes!!!

Have the kids put their name on their decoders and keep them– we even gave them extra tickets if they remembered to bring them back each week and charged them 4 tickets if they needed to get another pair- otherwise you run the risk of running out if you don’t buy a ton of them!!!!

A cheaper way to do it, or for those who loose their paper decoders, use red lighting film and cut it up into 2″x2″ squares so that we could use those as a back up and put a pile of them next to every pile of MV cards!!! We think deep salmon 42 works best with the slides. Roscolux #26 also works – slightly more transparent.

Make sure to check the DECODER screens on your projector/screen. All throughout service kids will need to put on glasses to be able to read what is on the screen!

There’s a chance you may need to lighten or darken the text – every projector is slightly different, so check it first with the film and glasses before the first service! Also, double check your text before each service this month – it would be very disappointing if the settings were changed and the decoders no longer work!


Series Syllabus:

WEEK 1: The Spiritual World is MORE real

WEEK 2: Angels are real and here to help us

WEEK 3: Demons are real, but we ALWAYS have authority over them!

WEEK 4: The TACTICS of the Enemy


The text that is supposed to be hidden and require them to use their decoder glasses or film may need some slight editing to make the text just right on your projector or screen. Here’s a quick video I shot when working on prepping to do this on location:



Other great songs:
Always With Us by Yancy – This one reminds us that God is always with us, so we never have to fear!
– Low quality on Youtube: CLICK HERE
– High quality lyric video: CLICK HERE


Next Month: Prayer is like a Cell Phone

We take a fun spin on talking to God and made a cell phone series out of it!!! Watch out for LOTS of texting lingo- have your kids read it, even if you can’t!!! A unique series full of attention grabbing and sustaining information, slides and motions!

We use a costume all month long that makes the series even more fun or for you crafty people, you can even make one!!

Cell phone costume at

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