Unit 19 – Prayer



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“I just called to say I love you…”

It’s like a cell phone! Just like you can be in touch with anyone anytime with a cell phone- with prayer you can be in touch with God all of the time!!!

We take a fun spin on talking to God and make a cell phone series out of it!!! Watch out for LOTS of texting lingo– have your kids read it if you can’t!!! A unique series, full of attention-grabbing and sustaining information, slides, and motions! By the end, the kids recognize that they can talk to God ALL of the time and the different ways to do it!!!

We use a costume all month long that makes the series even more fun or you can even home make one!!

Phone Costumes at

Chat and check and worship are moved to the end of services this month to allow for ministry time!!! We do a slow worship song and then a little bit faster praise song. Give it a try!!!

*** Note: The screenshots of the slideshows accurately reflect the slides, except that the slides are FULLY EDITABLE and include MOVING BACKGROUNDS to capture the attention of this multi-media generation!***


Series Syllabus:

WEEK 1: Pray without Ceasing!?

WEEK 2: Forgiving, Believing, Receiving

WEEK 3: Kinds of Prayer

WEEK 4: Praying for others and in Tongues



Each week the cell phone has a date to change- if you double click the date and change it on each slide it should take you 5 minutes to paste into each. Or you can delete the date- it just makes it more authentic!


Cell Phone Costume:

Week 1 references a “Minute to Win It” game. We found on YouTube a place where you can see the intros to many of the actual “Minute to Win It” games. CLICK HERE to see the list!


Keri Jobe- The More I Seek You

You, You are God

Next Month: LOVE

Something is growing, and it’s growing BIG!!! The love of God in us!!! This month is all about God’s love, loving Him, ourselves and loving others!

All month is about being rooted in HIS love- plants, plants, plants!!

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