Unit 22 – Power of One



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Power of One

Last month they discovered that having faith pleases God, but what difference can one person with faith really make? That’s what this month’s series is all about: Highlighting multiple examples from the Bible when one person made a huge difference, then pulling life lessons for each of us out of those examples.


Room Decor:

This series design is really simple, in contrast to last month’s or next month’s designs. If you have a monthly budget for room design, I’d suggest saving it to make next month’s design awesome. (See below for some suggestions!)

*** Note: The screenshots of the slideshows accurately reflect the slides, except that the slides are FULLY EDITABLE and include MOVING BACKGROUNDS to capture the attention of this multi-media generation!***


Series Syllabus:


  • Sermon topic: Joseph (hard times does not mean you are not in God’s plan for your life)
  • Sermon topic: Moses (God can use anyone; not being the biggest/the strongest/popular/etc does not disqualify you from being used by God in big ways)
  • You’ll need a stool or chair for the intro skit.



  • Sermon topic: David (He loved God well by obeying Him and telling others about Him)
  • Sermon topic: Paul (Nothing is bigger or more powerful than the team of God + you)
  • The sermon intro skit this week introduces a puppet that will show up the remaining weeks of this month. This week, the puppet will need gold necklaces/chains (the more the merrier) and a price tag that can be easy clipped on the shirt. (“Gold” and “Sold” instead of “Bold”)



  • Sermon topic: Deborah and Jael: (Your calling will be different than those around you, so your life will be different, but if you love God by loving His people, you will do big things for Him!)
  • Sermon topic: Esther: (She didn’t let fear control her when God’s plan for her to do was not what she wanted to do.)
  • This week, the puppet will need a winter coat and a white wig (“Cold” and “Old” instead of “Bold”)



  • Sermon topic: Jesus (God asks us to live the way Jesus did, so how did He live?)
  • Sermon topic: Apostle John (John lived his life doing what God had created him to do – not trying to do what other people were doing.)
  • The intro skit needs a pair of gloves and a fake bird (or real, I guess, if you want to make it really interesting!)


Other Links:


Brave by Moriah Peters (optional song that matches this series)
Download the song on Amazon
Brave Lyric Video on Youtube
Brave Music Video on Youtube

NEXT MONTH: Transformed

Who’s ready to be TRANSFORMED?

Prepare to be forever changed as you teach the power of being transformed in Christ!!! With a powerful Transformer theme you will teach how in Christ we can be heroes to this world as we transform by His power.


Dissolving Paper:

Transformer Costumes:
Crazy Nice 3D Bumblebee Transformer Costume
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Crazy Nice 3D Optimus Prime Transformer Costume (Other less expensive options are available also)

Special guests we brought in the last week as a finale:

Bulk play doh for Kids Transforming Play doh contest (flyer in extras):
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