Unit 20 – Love



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“Rooted and Grounded in Love”

Something is growing, and it’s growing BIG!!! The love of God in us!!! This month is all about God’s love, loving Him, ourselves and loving others!

A plant can not survive all that this world has without roots going deep into good soil!!!

God’s love is the GOOD soil and His love is where our strength comes from to withstand any storm life brings our way! WE can NOT do it on our own, just like a plant without roots would not be able to survive!

Think Plants and plant object lessons! Ask your church green thumb for fun ideas!!!


Series Syllabus:

WEEK 1: God loves

WEEK 2: We love God

WEEK 3: Loving Yourself

WEEK 4: Loving Others



If you have extra time, this is an AWESOME video to show on week 3!!!

The Wonder of You” at Worship House Media

(There are a ton of worship songs on this subject; here are a few fun fast ones you can add to the mix:)

Turn it Up” by Amber Sky Records
Crazy Love” by Amber Sky Records
This Love” by Amber Sky Records
We Love Jesus” by High Voltage Kids (remake of a familiar song)

Here’s a few slower ones that we really like for this series also:
(You need to own the music first before using these videos!)

I Love You Lord” by Generation Unleashed.
One Thing Remains” by Jesus Culture
Outrageous Love” by Jonathan & Melissa Helser of Bethel Music


And, here’s one more fun song about love (not secular):

Can’t Live Without” by Hollyn


Next Month: Steps to Faith 

A Series all about the steps to knowing the one thing that without it, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God- FAITH!

This whole series takes place on different levels in a video game as we try to rescue two kids who need to know the one thing that REALLY pleases God!!

We learn about Knowledge, Hope, Grace that all leads to having FAITH!

Pull out everything you know about video games- we are going virtual!!!

Order your coins for next month now!!! You will use these in place of TICKETS!
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