Unit 17 – In Him Vision



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Get out your Buddy Holly black rimmed glasses- in fact, if possible get a pair on everyone in your team!!!

It’s a optometrist-style series, complete with eye charts. All this month we aim to teach this point: we need to see things the same way He sees things and how He sees things can change how we are seen by the world!!! When we become Christians, our real life is only found in Him. It’s a deep series that through fun skits, and examples the kids get!!! The MV card also has a secret message on the front (eye chart). You may want to decide on a special prize if the kids memorized the scripture and decoded the front!!!

Check out the EXTRAS folder for some fun homework sheets!! Each week has a special handout for the kids to find the hidden image in a stereogram!!!


Series Syllabus:

WEEK 1: The Blood of Christ- that’s what God sees

WEEK 2: Jesus’ kind of obedience

WEEK 3: Jesus’ kind of Vision when seeing others

WEEK 4: How the world sees God




Another great song for this month is Bebo Normans- “I Will lift my eyes” the kids LOVED worshiping to this so feel free to add it in!!! (buy the song on iTunes first, remember! We edited it to repeat the same first verse to be easier for the kids to worship to)

Buddy Holly style glasses – Amazon
   Cheaper glasses from a costume shop – check shipping prices!

   – This is a humorous way to shake the kids up a bit potentially, and remind them not to judge a book by its cover. Add it into the slides, if you want!

  – This video is mentioned at the end of the Keynote file for Week 4 – please either purchase it or delete the blank slide. We thought it was an effective way to end that service!

Next MonthThe Reality of the Spiritual World

Bring out the decoders!!! (Get the decoders that we used while creating this series! (CLICK HERE

We will be decoding the realm we cannot see! Is it real? Do Angels and Demons exist? Why should we care about what we cannot see?

Together you will decode the reality that what we do not see is WAY more real than what we do and it actually is what we do see with our natural eyes!!!

Have the kids put their name on their decoders and keep them- we even gave them extra tickets if they remembered to bring them back each week and charged them four tickets if they needed to get another pair- otherwise you run the risk of running out!!!!

Also, we bought red decoder film and cut it up into 2″x2″ squares so that we could use those as a back up and put a pile of them next to every pile of MV cards!!!
    (deep salmon 42- Roscolux #26: Light Red also works – slightly more transparent)

Preorder your decoders and/or red decoder film ahead of time, so you have it before your first service of the Spiritual World series!


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