Unit 23 – Heart of Worship



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The Heart of Worship

Now it’s time to bring it all back to the basics. What is worship? Why should we worship? How does someone worship?

This month is all about worship, but if you have the time, make it less about teaching and more about showing and experiencing. That’s the way most Christians catch the Heart of Worship – it’s usually not by more learning. But, we did add some learning into each week…

So I guess it all comes down to this: Pray and ask God what the services should look like this month! Be open to whatever He says – if He says to do a service with nothing but worship and scripture readings, do it! Let the kids see and know what real worship is and does.

Also, check with the leader of worship in the adult service and see if they could rotate in a few people each week to do live worship, or teach on worship. Even if it’s just for one week, that would be great exposure for the kids to the culture of worship at your church.


Series Syllabus:

   Week 1: Who do we worship? (How awesome God is)

   Week 2: What is worship? (sing/speak, listen, action)

   Week 3: Why worship God? (He said to, He’s worthy, we’re blessed by it)

   Week 4: How to worship (In spirit and in truth)


Other Potential Worship Songs:

Really, any worship song is great during this segment, so we suggest pulling some current worship songs from the adult service. If none of them are really “kid-friendly” (aka – tons of words, difficult melody, etc.), then here are a few others that we suggest:

     “Beautiful Jesus” by Jonathan & Melissa Helser of Bethel Music
        CLICK HERE for the link to purchase the song
        CLICK HERE to view/download a lyric video for this song (buy the song first!)
        (this is a slow song for those who have kids that are ready to go slow and not disengage)


Next Month: The Sweet Life, Part 1

What kind of life does God want us to be living? The sweet life. For the next two months, you and your kids will experience the ups and downs of discovering the sweet life in a humorous way through fun videos that parody a popular kids show.

Most of the lessons are simply watching the videos, then just talking about what you’ve just watched. So, use this two-month series to allow someone other than the regular person who teaches to “try out” or develop their teaching skills, so you can have a “backup” when needed. Or, use this time to bring new volunteers in – you might have more time than usual to train them. It’s also makes for a great series to go on vacation, because it is so easy for someone else to do. 🙂

Side note: There is a giant banner that looks like a door in the extras file for next month. Let us know if you would want that early to print it out and if you can, mount it on the door to your room! This also is a fun prop for the stage for the next two months!!!


Links to help you prep for next month:

All month long, remind your kids in a fun way how SWEET God’s life is by using sweets. Here are some things other churches have done:

Have a sweets baking contest on the last week of the series, then turn it into a bake sale after service.

Preorder mini sweet tarts to hand out in addition to tickets during service as they participate!!!

A Great Quiet Seat Prize could be GIANT SWEET TARTS!


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