Unit 13 – God’s Glue



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***PLEASE NOTE: Even though there are only 14 or so graphics shown as “product images”, there are over 50 fully editable slides and most slides have moving backgrounds, animations, music and/or sound effects! Plus, each week service schedule has 10 pages or more and is a  fully editable Word Doc! You get so much more than you see here!***


God’s Glue!

Last month we learned about God and some of His awesome characteristics. This month we learn that God is interested in being stuck like glue in our lives. We learn some applicable traits and desires of God for “me”. This series takes last month’s series and builds on it by making God personal to each kid.

This series we get the sticky on who God is:

God is ALL POWERFUL. He is the only true God and that’s why “sticking” Him into our life and “un” sticking the “other” things is so important!!

Series Topics:

Week 1: Our God is Love, our God is ALL Powerful

  • We suggest starting the day off with some kind of funny video – YouTube has a ton of Music Montages that we love (Preview them first! There are some that are not “church-approved”. ) Here’s one that we like: 
  • You’ll want to purchase the Superbook “The Prodigal Son” – then use this shortened version in Sermon, Part 2.

Week 2: Our God is Peace & our God is Faithful

  • The sticky on who God is this week: God is our peace because He is FAITHFUL!!! In His faithfulness we can draw our confident peace in everything. But in order to have that peace we need to know where to place our faith!!! Once you get this fact down you are truly stuck on Him!!!

Week 3: Our God is All Knowing- His plans for us are BEST

  • The sticky on whom God week 3: God is all knowing and because He is all knowing He makes the best leader for our lives. This is a truth that when understood at a young age changes ones future FOREVER!!! Enjoy teaching about how God wants to stick to you like glue but whether or not you stick to Him is up to you!!!

Week 4: God is our abundant provider who has more than enough for each of us

  • We finish up the month with God my provider!!! He is more than enough for whatever the need is in my life. He has all abundance and is willing to share it with me, His son or daughter! A fun little tune accompanies this lesson that is sure to get stuck like glue in all of your kids heads…and your leaders!!! ?



Great sites to be able to download YouTube videos you find to add to your slides:

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Presentation: (you can click through your slides from anywhere in the room, controlling the impact on the kids)



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Some great additional resources are:



A series to stir kids up to stick out in a GOOD way! In this 7-week series (so almost two months) you will dive into different steps in being weird to this world! As a journey together you will discover each week what a different letter stands for and dive into that word. W- Walking, E- Examples, I- In, R- Righteousness and D- Daily. Feel free to switch up the meaning of each letter, if the Holy Spirit would lead you, but KEEP IT A SECRET FROM THE KIDS until the newest letter is revealed each week! Our kids enjoyed trying to figure out what the next letter was going to be!!! The kids will also LOVE any of WEIRD Extras you can add – CLICK HERE to check them out! The WEIRD Bands work great as quiet seat prizes, MV prizes or to sell to your kids as a fundraiser!

Also consider printing the MV card for WEIRD REALLY big and making it like a GIANT journal on your platform!!!

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