Unit 16 – Fruit of the Spirit



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Fruit of the SPIRIT

All this month we learn about the fruit of the Spirit and what that really means!!! Make it fun by putting inflatable fruit everywhere and/or giving away fruit flavored candy – the whole time reminding them the fruit reveals what kind of tree it came from!!!

Be fruity and be solid – these kids can know and GROW the fruit of the Spirit BECAUSE the Spirit of God is in them!!!

Week 1: Love, Joy, Peace

  • We suggest purchasing this video – it perfectly pears with the lesson: Spiritual Fruit at Worship House Kids

Week 2: Patience, Kindness, Goodness

Week 3: Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control

Week 4: How does knowing the Fruit of the Spirit help?

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Other Great Songs:

– “Shine A Light” by Kids on the Move
           Youtube Link (don’t use if you don’t own this song!)
          Full Resource Link
to Seeds.ChurchOnTheMove

Fruit of the Spirit song by Uncle Charlie
           Youtube Link (don’t use if you don’t own this song!)
           Full Resource Link to

Inflatable Fruit:

48 inch Banana

61 inch Watermelon Slice

60 inch Lemon, Lime, or Orange Slices (You have to specify which one(s) you want)

 Watermelon Balloon

Fruit Costumes (for fruit police skits- are NOT required):


Green Grapes 



Next Month: In Him Vision

Get out your Buddy Holly Black rimmed glasses- in fact if possible get a pair on everyone in your team!!!

All this month we aim to teach the point that how we see things needs to be how He sees things and how He sees things can change how we are seen by the world!!! It’s a deep series that through fun skits, and examples the kids get!!! The MV card also has a secret message on the front (eye chart). Just an idea – give something away to those who can decode it AND memorize the verse!

This series theme is like going to the optometrist, complete with eye charts, but without those nasty yellow drops that dilate your eyes. Yuck!

Here’s a link to purchase glasses for all the volunteers (or search them on Google):

Black Horn Rimmed Glasses on Amazon (choose the three pack for better pricing)

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