Unit 4 – Why the Cross? (Preferably April)



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***PLEASE NOTE: Even though there are only 14 or so graphics shown as “product images”, there are over 50 fully editable slides and most slides have moving backgrounds, animations, music and/or sound effects! Plus, each week service schedule has 10 pages or more and is a  fully editable Word Doc! You get so much more than you see here!***


Why the Cross?

Week 1: What happened leading up to the cross.

Why did Jesus HAVE to die on the cross? You’ll get into the plans and purposes of God and of the enemy. We learn the power of what happened before, during and after the cross. It’s the month when it’s OK to ask “WHY”!

WE also have a FUN game we play all month long!! Find the CROSS!!! Download the extras if you want your kids to FIND THE CROSS and when they do they get a puzzle to complete and earn mucho prize bucks!!!

This month, we handed out candy cross bracelets to those who answered questions correctly or for kids we chose for the Quiet Seat Prize. (You’ll read more about this in your order of service.) Here’s where we bought them from:

And of course, if God gives you anything that you think works great for your group that isn’t included in what is offered here, let us know! We always welcome ideas that may help other churches reach their kids when they get to this series!


Week 2: What happened on the cross.

This week we go in detail about the week before and including Jesus’ crucifixion. The building block pics are back for the first half of the sermon, but as you talk about what Jesus went through, there are not a lot of slides. Sometimes, if you show clips from a video about the historical events from the Bible, kids automatically think of it as a fable or story. They don’t do it on purpose; usually what they watch is not real, so their brain systematically logs it like a tv show.

Instead, ask the kids to use their imagination. Have them think about the choice Jesus made to go through all this, because of His love for them.

It’s a little more serious than most sermons, but we didn’t want to trivialize the price that Jesus paid for us!

And of course, if God gives you anything that you think works great for your group that isn’t included in what is offered here, let us know! We always welcome ideas that may help other churches reach their kids when they get to this series!

Week 3: What happened after the cross.

This week, you are discovering what Jesus accomplished after He died on the cross. The slides touch on three things: He defeated the devil, He preached the gospel to those who had died, and that He used His blood in the heavenly temple to wipe away our sins.

There are a number of scriptures on this, because these are less common subjects, but we believe displays the foundation for a lot of what we believe, and provides answers to some “stump-the-Christian” questions, like, “If God loved people so much, and Jesus is the only way to be saved, then what about the millions who lived before Jesus died?”


We introduce the subject of Salvation this week, and next month, we will spend all month talking about that. The very first week of next month’s series is going over the salvation booklet, so if you would prefer to buy some to hand out to the kids, do it quick! (The slides for that week are totally understandable without the book, but it is a helpful tool!)

CLICK HERE for a link to the Salvation Booklets, and don’t forget to use coupon code “Month6” at checkout for a 10% discount on the salvation booklets!

Week 4: What is ours because of the cross!!!

It’s the last week already – you are just about to start your 6th month of Kid Nation! Can you believe that???? This week we touch why the Bible says Jesus was joyful about the cross – He knew what He was purchasing! It’s a great week, and we’ll continue talking on this same subject Week 4 of next month. (We call it the Salvation Combo – it will a really fun week!)

Things you’ll may want next week: 
- Salvation Booklets (coupon code: Month6)

Two weeks from now, there’s a skit that requires a handheld video game console. If your family doesn’t have one, you should be able to borrow one from a volunteer or one of the kids that attend. Also, you’ll need a professor costume for a puppet (your volunteer team will prefer a puppet rather than a person for these skits), and a few diapers. You’ll have to read the skit… I’m not going to give it away here ?



First of all, there are a ton of worship and praise songs about the cross! We put in two great ones, but if God puts another song on your heart, or the kids already know and love another song, don’t hesitate – put it in! It’s as simple as clicking on the current worship song in keynote, clicking delete, then dragging and dropping the new song in. Oh, and don’t forget to resize the song, so it fits your screen!

     “Your Cross” by Elevation Worship
        CLICK HERE for the link to purchase the song
        CLICK HERE to view/download a lyric video for this song (buy the song first!)
        (fun moves would make this song SUPER impactful)

     “Beautiful Jesus” by Jonathan & Melissa Helser of Bethel Music
        CLICK HERE for the link to purchase the song
        CLICK HERE to view/download a lyric video for this song (buy the song first!)
        (this is a slow song for those who have kids that are ready to go slow and not disengage)


NEXT UNIT: How I Know I’m Saved and Going to Heaven

Next month, you’ll be teaching on how you can know that you are saved and going to heaven. Get your SALVATION booklets!!! In week 1, you will be going over the salvation booklet page by page. It’s not required to run the service, but EVERY kid will want to leave with his or her own salvation booklet this week!  

Order yours for your kids by clicking here!

The last week of the month (and each week in Unit 6) introduces “The Salvation Combo” – 6 things that are available to any Christian, if we just believe it and use it! We build these combos to “look like” a McDonald’s happy meal. Use gummy burgersfriesfruit discscandy soda, a cheap toy and a happy meal box to gather it all together and help them remember the parts! (You can get the hamburgers, fries and drinks, plus a few bonus yummy gummis in a combo pack, like THIS ONE. Give them out as prizes that last week, plus all of the following Evangelism series!

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