Unit 8 – Spirit, Soul, Body (Preferably August)



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***PLEASE NOTE: Even though there are only 14 or so graphics shown as “product images”, there are over 50 fully editable slides and most slides have moving backgrounds, animations, music and/or sound effects! Plus, each week service schedule has 10 pages or more and is a  fully editable Word Doc! You get so much more than you see here!***


I am a Spirit, I have a Soul and I live in a Body!!!


It’s a graffiti-like theme about the different parts of us – Spirit, Soul and Body! We use 3 DIFFERENT color jelly bracelets to illustrate the combination of the three parts but that we are in one here on earth! Just like the trinity, God made us in three parts and all have a voice. During this series we learn to identify which one is speaking and how to give control over and be led by our spirit.

LOOK up 3 different colored jelly bracelets and have them ready for your object lesson and maybe some extra for prizes all month long! We ordered orange, yellow and green in packs of their color on Amazon (links below).

Jelly Bracelets at Oriental – but search online for them! You can find them cheap and a lot of them!!!

Bracelet Analogy:

Have three color bracelets. One color represents “Spirit”, one color “Soul” and one color “Body”. Make sure the colors stay consistent all month. Show how each one is separate, then hold the spirit aside and keep the body and soul together. Bend body and soul together through spirit and pull spirit around. This makes one bracelet out of the three where spirit is on one side and body and soul are on the other. This shows how although they are one, the spirit is in charge.

Week 1: We have how many parts?  
Introduce the three PARTS! Keep the idea of 3 in front of the kids all service; really drive home three in one! Get your bracelets out and show how three bracelets become one (see video link below). Get three white t-shirts for the month and put “Spirit” on one, “Soul” on the another and “Body” on the last one in permanent marker for the skits all month long!

Week 2: Learn how to use the CHOOSER. 
Learn that the one you feed is the one easier to be led by! Get out the LOW gruff voice and be ready to use it every time you say “the chooser”. Make sure to reference back to the bracelets. Also have some dirt and a seed ready for an object lesson!

Week 3:  Did Jesus Have these three parts while on earth?  
Find a good video you trust that shows Jesus and His having to use His chooser and follow His Spirit in the Garden before His trial (Here’s a link to a video some of the churches have used). Hand out bracelets to kids and teach them how to make it as a reminder!

Week 4: Why do we have all these parts anyway? 
It takes all three parts to accomplish God’s will here on earth. Learn how each part is needed!


A great teaching for you:
Spirit, Soul, & Body by Andrew Wommack

A great video teaching for your kids:
Spirit, Should & Body Illustrated by Andrew Womack

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How to make the bracelet videos:

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Unit 9: Who is the Holy Spirit?

WAIT! Is that Home Depot or Holy Spirit!? In a very “Home Improvement” theme we learn how the Holy Spirit is here to help us improve our home while on earth! This month we learn WHO HE IS and WHY we need Him. All this month we use anything tool like or Home Depot Related. Toolboxes, tools, aprons, bolts and more. Month 11 will be about the gifts of the Holy Spirit so go crazy!!! Two months of tool time!!!!

You can even order our Holy Spirit T-shirts – these are one of a kind and the kids and parents flock to them!!! Because we are doing the series for two months in a row, you really get your wear out of these!

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