Unit 2 – God’s Secret Plan (Preferably February)



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God has a SECRET PLAN!

The neat thing is it was a secret plan- for us to discover! He hid it for us NOT from us!!! It’s VERY secret agent-ish, so get ready to HAVE a lot of fun uncovering truth with riddles and clues along with the kids!

The Secret Plan Schedule:

  • Week 1: Why was the plan a secret? Why was it hidden?

  • Week 2: It was hidden for us, not from us!

  • Week 3: Believe you receive before you receive it

  • Week 4: The Secret Plan Revealed- JESUS (keep this a secret as the kids try to figure it out)

You might want to take a little more time on decorating the room in camo / military theme – next month uses the same stage decor!

***PLEASE NOTE: Even though there are only 14 or so graphics shown as “product images”, there are over 50 fully editable slides and most slides have moving backgrounds, animations, music and/or sound effects! Plus, each week service schedule has 10 pages or more and is a  fully editable Word Doc! You get so much more than you see here!***



Worship ideas:

Other ideas:

  • Don’t forget to ask people to borrow anything they might have!

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Next- Month 4:God’s SECRET Agent

Teaching the kids what God’s Secret Agent was sent into the world, and what His purpose was. Keep the camo going- we are UNDER COVER to discover WHAT God’s Secret Agent is to do!!!!


One of the game / activities during God’s Secret Agent will be an eating contest of some MRE’s (Meals-Ready-to-Eat). If you don’t have a local army surplus store, you may have to order some online from an outdoor sports store, army surplus store, or even! It’s a fun activity, so if you want to order some extra and use them throughout the month or for a special activity, in case the adult service goes long. And, if you have extras at the end of next month, use them as the Memory Verse Grand Prize or give them away in a special drawing.


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