Unit 7 – Mountain Movers (Preferably July)



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***PLEASE NOTE: Even though there are only 14 or so graphics shown as “product images”, there are over 50 fully editable slides and most slides have moving backgrounds, animations, music and/or sound effects! Plus, each week service schedule has 10 pages or more and is a  fully editable Word Doc! You get so much more than you see here!***


Mountain Movers:

What can move mountain??? Faith in Him MOVES mountains!!! The kids learn all month long about faith and authority in Christ Jesus!

It’s all about the M&M theme so load up on M&M everything! The kids love this lesson and walk away with a powerful understanding of FAITH in their own lives and how to apply it!


NOTE: CONTEST for  “Mountain Movers.” “Who can bring the MOST First Time visitors” all month. A fun prize is if the winner gets a 3lb Gummy Worm (ewwww- but the kids LOVE this)!!! WE have attached the slide and flyer we hand out all month long. You can get the gummy worm at GUMMY WORM LINK

Set up a “Code Word” for the whole month! To keep their attention all month, throw in the code word any time all throughout the services. Every time you say “M&M”, the kids respond by saying “JESUS”! The first kid to respond gets to go to the ticket booth and get a ticket as you continue right where you left off!!!


Week 1: What kind of Faith do we have?
BUY A JAR OF MUSTARD SEEDS! At the end of service hand out one mustard seed to each child. It’s AMAZING how very important it is to take home with them!

Week 2: Believe and USE YOUR AUTHORITY!
Get a few bags of M&M’s at the checkout! The game this week, if you choose to play it, needs at least 4 personal size bags of M&M’s.

Week 3:  Defeating the enemy’s #1 weapon.
Download, cut out and glue on cardboard the picture of Jesus and the Mountain – available in the extras folder. Cut it out and glue onto cardboard, so it can stand on it’s own! Also set of walkie-talkies is helpful!

Week 4: Defeating the enemy’s #2 weapon.
Forgiveness & Love – The key ingredients. M&M game is played again, so have some ready, if you choose. Also have a monkey costume, or a dark character costume picked out, that’s not too scary.



Other Worship Song Options:

FAITH Worship Song: (the kids love this with FUN Moves)

Waiting Here for you: (The kids sang this as our slow worship song and it was REALLY Powerful)

Give Me Faith:

Your Kid Nation Invite Card:


M&M Stuff:

Custom M&M’s (makes great quiet seat prizes)

M&M prizes/Stuff

M&M Candy from Oriental Trading- or many bulk places online!!!

Kid Nation Mountain Mover T-shirts (the kids LOVE these)


NEXT UNIT: Spirit, Soul, and Body

It’s a graffiti-like theme about the different parts of us! We use 3 DIFFERENT color jelly bracelets to illustrate the combination of the three parts but that we are in one here on earth! LOOK up some colored jelly bracelets and have them ready for your object lesson and maybe some prizes all month long!

Jelly Bracelets at Oriental – but Google them! You can find them cheap and a lot of them!!!

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