Y1M6 – Week 4 – How I Know I’m Saved


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Week 4 – How I Know I’m Saved

Finally, it’s time to introduce “The Salvation Combo” – 6 things that belong to every Christian, if we know about them, and use them. The 6 things are: Wisdom, Healing… why am I telling you? You’ll have to find the rest in the order of service!


Next month’s series is on Evangelism! It has an urban theme to it and has some great beats. And it’s not all about that we should do it, but ways the kids can do it! If you have some small group time, or would consider breaking into small groups for this series, it’s quite fun to do some role playing – walking each other through the plan of salvation.


Month 7:

We are discussing the “E” word!!! Evangelism!!! Get ready to encourage your kids in knowing and loving God and His goodness enough to share it with others!!! Who will tell the WORLD about Jesus?

Month 8:

Get ready it’s raining M&M’s!!! Load up to get ready! Anything M&M!!! “Mountain Movers” is a great series on Faith and learning how to now only have it but use it!!! Check out the sweet T-shirt available for all of your workers and kids! This makes a GREAT fundraiser! Because you are encouraging kids to invite kids- make it as big and fun as you can!

Custom M&M’s (makes great quiet seat prizes)

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