Y1M6 – Week 3 – How I Know I’m Saved


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Week 3 – How I Know I’m Saved

This week continues and concludes the topic of how to know for sure that you are saved, and then covers what we all can struggle with: What to do with thoughts that don’t line up with God’s Word? What do you do when the thoughts and feelings seem so much more real that what God says? It’s a potentially life-changing lesson; if these kids really catch it, their life will be radically separated unto God!


Week 3: Supplies to make 2 caramel apples and 1 caramel onion – for the object lesson.

Week 4: Various foods from a fast food restaurant – see the lesson.


Month 7:

We are discussing the “E” word!!! Evangelism!!! Get ready to encourage your kids in knowing and loving God and His goodness enough to share it with others!!! Who will tell the WORLD about Jesus?