Unit 3 – God’s Secret Agent (Preferably March)



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God’s Secret Agent

Last month we learned that God’s Secret Plan was to send His Son to earth for us – now we are going to learn why God’s Secret Agent was sent into the world, and what His purpose was.

Keep the camo going- we are UNDERCOVER to discover WHO He is and what God’s Secret Agent is to do!!!!

The Series Scope:

Week 1: The Plan of Redemption unveiled- Adam- Abraham

This introduces our need for God’s help and also introduces the word “covenant”, and goes through some basic detail on what a covenant is. There is a lot of fun in the slightly-longer-than-usual Review, and the Offering message is more like an object lesson, so you might want to assign the offering to a member on your team that has some basic knowledge of gardening or has a green thumb.

Week 2: The Plan of Redemption unveiled- Abraham & Isaac

This week’s sermon recaps a few of the details of what a covenant is, and goes into more detail about how God had to be willing to sacrifice His Son when He asked Abraham to do the same. It ends with introducing the idea that Jesus was sent at the perfect time. Also, there is a great skit/sermon interruption that the kids will love – it requires creating four bowls of nasty looking food! Make sure you get some supplies for that one, or just raid the back of the staff fridge, as long as you are up on all your shots. 🙂

If your staff fridge has been cleaned out in the past year or so, you’ll need to purchase some foods to make four nasty looking bowls of food. (An example would be La Choy Chop Suey Vegetables, Mott’s® Mixed Berry Flavored Applesauce (reddish color) or Mott’s® Pear Flavored Applesauce (green color), and maybe some food coloring.)

The offering slide has five laugh tracks on it, but you may want more freedom with them, or to do them even more – there are a bunch in the Extras folder! You could move them to a CD, an mp3 player or another computer plugged into the soundboard for the sound effects during the offering! You can also add additional ones to the keynote offering slide and just make each click a laugh- you just have to make sure to say the “key” word as many times as you put the tracks in the slide.

Week 3: The Plan of Redemption unveiled- sent at the perfect time

This week about God’s Secret Agent covers a few of the reasons that Jesus was sent at the perfect time. Obviously, no one would have time to know or could know every reason! One of the reasons was that in all of history, crucifixion was legalized in Israel for only three years. We also go over the exact number of generations specified in the Bible. It’s interesting how detailed God’s Secret Plan really was for Jesus’ entrance into the world!

A story is told during the offering about a boy and his bike. If you have a bike available to bring in, it may make a great focus point for the kids.

 Also, this is the week of the MRE eating contest! If you haven’t purchased some already, go to your local army surplus store or any outdoors hobby shop (such as Bass Pro Shops, REI, etc.). They should carry them.

Week 4: The plan of redemption unveiled- The covenant/Jesus’ life

We wrap it all up by discussing the question about Jesus’ life – was He just showing off by doing miracles, signs and wonders? What was His real purpose in all of that? Also, we talk a little about prayer – that prayer was the place where God’s power is present for His people. (That’s for all you tongue twister fans out there!)

This week, the offering requires a cluster of grapes, so make sure you get those ahead of time, so it’s not a stress. Fake or rubber grapes won’t work as well, because during the offering lesson, the teacher of that segment will be pulling grapes off the stem and handing them to the kids.

Note: Because it’s also memory verse dismissal, some found they really had to rush the other parts so the sermon would have the time needed to communicate to the kids all the truths in this week’s service.

***PLEASE NOTE: Even though there are only 14 or so graphics shown as “product images”, there are over 50 fully editable slides and most slides have moving backgrounds, animations, music and/or sound effects! Plus, each week service schedule has 10 pages or more and is a  fully editable Word Doc! You get so much more than you see here!***



Fun Worship: “On the March- Hillsong Kids(LOVE this!)

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Next Unit: Why the Cross?

It’s the month when it’s OK to ask “WHY”! This “WHY” Everything!!!

WE also have a FUN game we play all month long!! Find the CROSS!!!A printable cross is included in the extras folder –  if you want your kids to FIND THE CROSS! When they do find it, the Extras folder also has take-home puzzles for the kids to complete. Reward them if they bring it back filled out!!!

This month, you could hand out candy cross bracelets to those who answered questions correctly or for kids we chose for the Quiet Seat Prize. (You’ll read more about this in your order of service.) Here’s a cheap place to buy them:

You may want to order some soon if you are able, so that you get them in time!

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