Unit 10 – Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Preferably October)



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***PLEASE NOTE: Even though there are only 14 or so graphics shown as “product images”, there are over 50 fully editable slides and most slides have moving backgrounds, animations, music and/or sound effects! Plus, each week service schedule has 10 pages or more and is a  fully editable Word Doc! You get so much more than you see here!***


The GIFTS and the POWER of the Holy Spirit


1 Peter 4:10
God has given gifts to each of you from His great variety of spiritual gifts.” Manage them well so that God’s generosity can flow through you.

Holy Spirit. WAIT! Is that Home Depot or Holy Spirit!? In a very “Home Improvement” theme we learn more about the Holy Spirit, the gifts He has, and the POWER He has! MOVE things around on your stage, build a giant toolbox for your stage, be creative with Home Improvement like skills!

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– These are one of a kind and the kids and parents flock to them!!! Because the kids and parents have seen them for a month, they will want their own! They also make great Memory Verse Prizes!


Week 1: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit that Say Something 

There’s a paper airplane game at the beginning, so you’ll need a stack of paper for them to use (maybe raid the recycle bin!) Also, there’s a recurring skit all month long with a construction guy and the Holy Spirit. Think the “Tool Time” show from “Home Improvement”. (If you are unfamiliar with the awesomeness, there are many clips on YouTube to brush up on character personalities.)

Week 2: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit that Know Something

You’ll need a rope this week, if you play “Tug of War” as the game. Other than that, it’s just costumes and props for the skits!

Week 3: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit that Do Something

This week, all you’ll need are the aprons/costumes for the Holy Spirit skit again, plus any kind of costume you want for the other skits.

Week 4: The Power of the Holy Spirit

For this week, you’ll need an electric item (fan, cd player, etc) that runs off a power cord, and extension cord, a cordless drill, a screwdriver, and a piece of wood with 4 screws started in it, but not put in the whole way. You’ll also need the same aprons/costumes for the Holy Spirit construction skits as the first three weeks.


MUST HAVE Stage props!





Fun Tool Give-Aways:

Water Squirting Tools at Oriental Trading
Construction Gift Boxes (Quiet Seat Prizes?) at Fun Express


Candy Tools at Oriental Trading
Gummi Tools at Fun Express
Tools with Candy at Candy Warehouse



It’s a series all about the LIVING, BREATHING, POWERFUL, WORD OF GOD and helping the kids to be familiar with their Bible: Going through what the Old and New Testaments are, and why they are separate, learning the Books of the Bible, knowing this is God’s promises to us and having a lot of fun doing all of that! Your kids are going to love this one!


One of the super fun things we do during this series is a boys vs. girls race to see who can put together a puzzle first – it could be of the New Testament books, Old Testament books or the whole Bible. You can make your own, or this also is a fun option:
Bible Bookcase Puzzle on Amazon


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