Unit 6 – Evangelism (Preferably June)




***PLEASE NOTE: Even though there are only 14 or so graphics shown as “product images”, there are over 50 fully editable slides and most slides have moving backgrounds, animations, music and/or sound effects! Plus, each week service schedule has 10 pages or more and is a  fully editable Word Doc! You get so much more than you see here!***



Use this teaching on Evangelism to teach the kids how to invite people to church and how to tell people about Jesus! All this month in announcements, we build up a CONTEST for next month- “Who can bring the MOST First Time visitors?” The series next month is “Mountain Movers. – a super fun series with lots of M&M’s. The winner of the visitor contest wins something big – we suggest a 3lb Gummy Worm (ewwww- but the kids LOVE this)!!! We have attached the slide and flyer we hand out all month long. Get the gummy worm here: GUMMY WORM LINK

There are two worship songs, as always, but feel free to switch either or both to a song that you’ve done before or another one you’ve discovered along the way! Try venturing into editing the slides slightly somehow – you’ll see how easy it is!


Week 1

  • This first week of Evangelism, we’ll teach through the review, to make sure all the kids have an understanding about redemption and salvation, and then launch into what Evangelism is and why it is needed. This is a great series – the kids are going to love it!
  • Create, Buy or Borrow: a cowboy costume/puppet, and a professor costume/puppet. 
You’ll also need a package or plate of cookies.


Week 2

  • In this second week about Evangelism, the kids will be having a real fun time finding out who exactly is supposed to do the telling about Jesus – it’s everyone who is a Christian! (Shoot, I just gave it away.) Enjoy! It’s a real fun week with skits and videos!
  • Create, Buy or Borrow: a basketball player uniform for a team member to wear (which will be used the rest of the month)a a huge inflatable basketball or kickball style rubber ball, a professional sports team ballcap, a carry-on or duffle bag and a towel.


Week 3

  • During this third week of Evangelism, we’ll uncover how we can tell people about Jesus. One big way is to share Jesus everyday by living the right way. They will also have their nervousness calmed some, when we all find out that we are not responsible for the decision they make after we tell them, we are simply asked to tell them!
  • Create, Buy or Borrow: a wedding veil or sheer curtain.


Week 4

  • During the last week of this series, sermon part 1 has some personal practice points, and then most of sermon part 2 is giving the kids the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned about all month long!
  • Create, Buy or Borrow: pretend money, or borrow some from a board game.
  • IMPORTANT: For whatever reason, week 4’s Keynote would not upload correctly until we changed the file ending from .key to .zip. So, after downloading the file, you’ll need to switch it back to .key. In the future, if it ends with .zip, you’ll have to change the file name. If it ends in, then you just double click the file, and it will unzip into a keynote file!


GUMMY WORM LINK (If you want to do the big prize listed above)

Evangelism Linebacker (video to purchase)

Evangelism Linebacker YouTube (video to preview)

Brave by Moriah Peters (optional song that matches this series)
Download the song on Amazon
Brave Lyric Video on Youtube
Brave Music Video on Youtube



Get ready it’s raining M&M’s!!! Load up to get ready! Anything M&M!!! “Mountain Movers” is a great series on Faith and learning how to now only have it but use it!!! Check out the sweet T-shirt available for all of your workers and kids! This makes a GREAT fundraiser! Because you are encouraging kids to invite kids- make it as big and fun as you can!

Custom M&M’s (makes great quiet seat prizes)

M&M prizes/Stuff

M&M Candy from Oriental Trading- or many bulk places online!!!

Get your custom Kid Nation Invite for Kids to hand out when they invite kids to church!!!

Kid Nation Mountain Mover T-shirts (the kids LOVE these)

Additional information


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