Equipping you with the salvation tools you need to walk people into a real relationship with God!

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This booklet plainly and easily describes salvation for elementary kids and teens.

It starts with our need for salvation, goes through the fall and our redemption by God, and finishes with a few scriptures and things to do now that you are saved.

For the youngest kids – go through it, just using the big words found on each page.

As the age increases, the detail and the Scriptures backing everything up help each person grasp what He has done for us in His goodness!


Order Printed copies of the Salvation Booklets!

These are fantastic to use for those who get saved in your Children’s or Youth services, or use them for Easter or outreaches! 20 full color pages!


A four week curriculum series on Salvation!

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Currently a Mac only series available in Keynote.


Full color postcards for mailing!

Celebrate the decision the kids make and invite them back to your church with a personalized note from the leaders. (Photo shows a customized version.)

Salvation Memory Verse card

Include these cards to remind kids that they are saved!

Defeat the devil’s lies by sending the kids home with the scriptural defense they need! With this, they can KNOW they are saved! (sold in packs of 25)


The Salvation Booklet as a slideshow!

You can choose fullscreen or widescreen, Keynote or Powerpoint – whichever would work best!

Salvation Package by Kid Nation

Or you can get ALL the supplies in ONE kit!

Each Salvation Kit includes 50 Salvation Booklets, 50 postcards, 50 verse cards with Romans 10:9-10 AND the downloadable slideshow of the Salvation Booklet! Also included is a downloadable & editable Leader Guide, to equip your whole team to lead kids to Christ!

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