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Because editing the curriculum for your church should not steal hours and hours away from your week.

The series below are just a glimpse into the 36 fully editable, super powerful Root KidMin series that are available!

(As we continue to grow and develop additional ways you can equip families to be rooted in the Word and ignited by the Spirit, you may still see some elements of Kid Nation remaining as we update the files to coordinate with Root Bible Academy, the at-home add-on for the Root KidMin Membership!)

CLICK HERE to check out the Scope and Sequence for the first twelve units!

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“We are so grateful for Root! Can’t imagine our kids church any other way. So powerful to see kids getting the same content as the adults!” – M. Gniziuh

These are not just a pdf with 5 jpgs slides. These Bible based series are fully-immersive, fully-editable, fully-engaging, and super fun for kids and team members alike! Each week’s files detail the entire service from beginning to end in the Word Doc, and the slides are fully themed and animated, while retaining their ability to be easily changed to reflect you.

Members receive:

  • Access to one of the 36 Elementary Curriculum Series every month.

    Each series includes:

    • Four to Five Editable (Word Docs) Service Schedules, including details on every aspect of service, including:
      • Intro
      • Offering
      • Worship
      • Skits
      • Lessons
      • Scripture Races (aka Bible Drills)
      • Everything to take you from the moment kids arrive to the very end of service!
    • Not only that, but there are fully editable slideshow presentations that back up every part of service!
      • Keynote
      • PowerPoint (coming soon!)
      • Almost every slideshow has over 50 editable slides!
    • Also, you’ll receive Memory Verse cards along with a song or rap to help the kids learn that verse!
  • Access to 12 fully editable Preschool curriculum series also!

    This curriculum is built the same way as the Elementary series!

  • Discounted pricing

    on a lot of items at the online store

  • Access to a Members only group on Facebook

    – great as a sounding board for all things kidmin!

  • Plus more!

“It was amazing! The most powerful service we have had in a long time! The presence of God was so strong in our classroom and you could just tell that so many were touched… It was definitely an amazing service.” – D. Pogue

Check out a series today and discover all that is included with Membership!

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