The Root KidMin Elementary Curriculum - Grounded in the Word. Ignited by the Spirit.

The full three years of downloadable, editable elementary/junior High curriculum was once only accessible by current Root KidMin members only, but now is unlocked for everyone!

It is crucial for children’s ministries to use a kidmin curriculum that is grounded in the Word and ignited by the Spirit! These series are the building blocks for true spiritual growth. When you go in with a plan, they leave built-up in truth with intentionality. There are MAIN TRUTHS they need to KNOW and we have developed these series around this very important fact!  We hear all the time that adult volunteers are recognizing their own spiritual growth from the Root KidMin curriculum!

As a member, you not only have access to a monthly kidmin download, but a preschool option as well. These 12 Preschool series are EXCLUSIVELY available to members! CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT MEMBERSHIP.

For a Scope and Sequence of the first twelve units, CLICK HERE.

(As we continue to grow and develop additional ways you can equip churches and families to be rooted in the Word and ignited by the Spirit, you may still see some elements of the ministry Kid Nation remaining as we update the files to coordinate with Root Bible Academy, the at-home add-on for the Root KidMin Membership!)

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Showing 1–15 of 38 results