Kid Min Supplies

Our goal is to supply the tools needed to minister to your kids, in the God – destined way. Instead of every church re-inventing everything needed for quality check-in, prize stores, events, kid leadership classes and all the other things that take major time for all Children’s Pastors, we make those things available, allowing for more time to focus on ministering to the kids. The key to the power of your church is reaching your kids!

Kid Nation Ministries was grown out the realization that almost every church was purchasing curriculum to help during their services, but tehre was nothing made available to help Children’s Workers do everything else. And, if the leader over the Children’s Ministry took a look at how their week was spent, way more time is used up doing all the other things. Sometimes it can even seem like all the “stuff” can crowd out the time that we would like to use preparing for our services. This has to stop! That’s why we are here – to supply the “stuff” and how to use it, so that the leader over Children’s Ministry can do what they wanted to – ministry! That’s why we signed up for this position, so let’s get back to our real purpose and mission from God. Let’s use the time that we have available for praying, receiving God’s direction, and reach this generation for Him!