What is Kid Nation Ministries?


Kid Nation Ministries – enabling you to increase your impact

Simplified, our goal for Kid Nation Ministries is to supply all the “stuff” that can bog a Children’s Minister down, so that Children’s Minister no longer has to focus for hours on implementation, creative “pump ups” of their curriculum, or re-inventing something that they need for their church body. This way, they can focus on what really matters: spending time with God, impacting the kids of your church with  a God-empowered message to the hearts of their kids, and reaching the lost in their community.
 We refuse to just supply the lesson! Instead, all the tools are supplied to take them from beginning to end with graphic, creative ideas AND supplies – everything that would make it memorable and exciting for a kid to attend on a weekly basis. We also really believe in equipping children’s leaders with tools such as leadership empowerment of their teams, and tools for setting up their own prize redemption station, or a smooth-flowing check-in / check-out process to keep the kids of the church safe.


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Who are Pastors Josh and Kate?

About-Us-Interested-Richter-picsPastors Josh and Kate Richter are devoted to the heart of God and have a passion for our emerging generation and the Body of Christ at large. Pastor Josh graduated from Master’s Commission in 2000, and both Pastors Josh and Kate are 2002 & 2005 seminary graduates and hold Pastoral credentials and licensing with RMAI. They currently serve as the Children’s Pastors of Kid Nation at Zion Christian Fellowship in Powell, Ohio (USA). 
Kate loves redesigning Children’s Church rooms, but also creates gorgeous commercial and residential spaces.
Josh loves teaching conferences, camps, webinars – anywhere that he can get people to a new “Ah-ha!” moment in Christ.
They have two kids and one rescued stray cat… who has now had kittens… a very unexpected surprise!


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