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Scheduling on a calendar

Success at Work, Failure at Home: Scheduling

Okay, so living from a schedule has quickly become the norm for any successful business person. There’s always a million things that could take your attention. There’s days where it’s imperative that your phone’s calendar is continually syncing with the office computer, or something will go terribly wrong. As the late Steven Covey (@StephenRCcovey,…

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Success at Work, Failure at Home

A lot of us know what it takes to be a success at work: you work hard, beat your deadlines, achieve goals and collaborate with co-workers well. It takes persistence, focus, and maintaining a good attitude. So what happens when you walk through the front door? It can almost be almost un-nerving. Kids demanding your…

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Top Ten Parenting Standards to Never Deviate From

My wife and I had dinner a couple of nights ago with a two couples that we really respect. One family has four kids, the other has five, so they definitely have had more practice in the parenting world than us. Both sets have been able to raise kids with drastically different personalities to have…

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